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Sea Fishing in Bolungarvik

In the final episode of the Fishing Cabin, Asi and Gunni are in Bolungarvik in the North East of Iceland, to try their hand at some sea fishing. They start on the pier in Bolingarvik Harbour and as they arrive, a local angler called Karolina is pulling in a nice Cod. Karolina takes Gunn to the local bait shed and he gets a bagful for their day's fishing. Asi quickly catches a Cod followed by a Saithe and although they are having success, they decide on a little more adventure so head out in the fjord with Kayaks. Asi soon hooks into something rather big but after a long fight he passes the rod to Gunni who promptly loses the fish. Despite the frustrating loss, at least they know they are know they are in a good spot and before long they have both caugh plenty of Cod. They return to shore looking for Karolina who's Dad just happens to be a chef. He cooks them up a fantastic fish supper in his restaurant, as Karolina entertains them and the diners with some fine singing. What a way to end a highly enteratining first series of the Fishing Cabin! To watch just login or join

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