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Port Stephens Marlin

Paul and son, Jet are in Port Stephens, New South Wales and head offhore to fish for Black Marlin, one of the larger Marlin species that can grow to over 1500lbs. Port Stephens was actually the first place on the New South Wales coastline that a Marlin was caught way back in 1910, and is now a renowned area for targeting these incredible game fish. Its an early start as first they need to catch some fresh bait and are soon filling with livewell with some Slimy Mackerel. When they reach the target area some 28km offshore, they get out the strip teasers to try and pull the Marlin in to their trolling lures. It isn't long before Jet hooks into a nice 50KG fish and the youngster has a real battle on his hands. Next its dad's turn to hook up to a bigger fish which has the guys in some trouble as it runs into another line. They then head out to a FAD, a Fish Aggregation Device and find a schoal of Dolphin Fish (Mahi Mahi) which provide more great sport. Watch this thrilling episode and you'll see why Port Stephens has such a reputation for great marlin fishing. To watch just login or register

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