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Carp at The Sitch

Although Des is generally thought of as a river angler, he admits that he loves Carp fishing and here at the Sitch Lake in Shropshire he is able to indulge himself during a two day session in the famous Holiday swim. It's April and although the sun is shining in clear blue skies it's unseasonably cold and the water temperature has dropped, so Des is taking a cagey approach, not over feeding. He's casting a slow sinking pineapple wafter hookbait that he hope's will sit just above his free offerings, halved Scopex Squid 20mm boilies soaked in Tigernut juice with Betaine and Hemp Oil that he's strung on a short PVA thread and attached to the hook. He's hoping that the wafter will sit just above these and be the first thing sucked into an unsuspecting hungry carp's mouth. The lake is a consistent 4 feet deep with a silty bottom and Des has seen carp breaking the surface about 70 yards out, so he's casting his two rods into this area. There are plenty of Carp in the lake ranging from 20lbs to one just over 50lbs but in these conditions Des will be happy with a bite or two. He doesn't have to wait too long before he gets a drop back on the alarm and the game is on. Des has been carp fishing for many years and has plenty of tips on reading the conditions, casting techniques and bait presentation making this a great film to watch.

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