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Tell a friend

Earn free tokens!

Do you love Fishing TV? We hope so. We also hope that if you do you’ll want to tell all your fishing buddies about it. If you’re doing that, it is only fair that you get something for helping us to grow, so we’ve set up a ‘Refer a friend’ programme that rewards you with FishingTV Tokens for signing up your friends.

It is really simple. All you need to do is navigate to the ‘My Account’ page. You will see a heading ‘Earn Free Tokens’ and below this a button labelled “Click here to get started”. Do just that.

The page will reload and the button that was labelled ‘Earn Free Tokens’ will now read ”Open”. Click on this to reveal a form.

Fill out the details of the person who you want to tell about Fishing TV – you’ll need their email address. You can also customise the message that will be sent to your friend.

Once you’re happy, hit send and your friend will be sent an email inviting them to join the service.

If this person then goes on to sign up and buy tokens we’ll give you 5 free tokens – can’t say fairer than that!


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