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Review – Fly Fusion TV

Stunning Canadia Fly Fishing


Fly Fusion TV


The Fly Fishing Channel

Running Time

About 20 minutes an episode

What’s it all about?

Fly Fusion TV is a six part series made by the Canadian fly fishing magazine of the same name. In it the editorial team explore the incredible trout fishing to be found in British Columbia.


The main presenters are the Editor of Fly Fusion magazine, Derek Bird, and columnist Jim Mclennan. They’re joined for some of the episodes by the mag’s Social Media editor Paula, and some of the rest of the staff.

Why do we like it?

This is, in the way of fishing shows, a pretty big budget production. The team make use of the best technology and go to serious lengths to get the shots, using helicopters, drones and underwater cameras to capture some seriously cool footage. Obviously the fishing is amazing, and the team also take a look at some of the eternal questions about fishing in a sensitive way.

Who’s this for?

Trout-bums, adventurers, nature lovers

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