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Review – The Tuition with Iain Macmillan

Everything you always wanted to ask about carp fishing


The Tuition with Iain Macmillan


Carp Channel

Running Time?

1 hour 35 Minutes

What’s it all about?

The Tuition is a back-to-basics instructional video aimed at recreational carp anglers looking to improve or remind themselves of some of the most important and commonly used carp fishing skills.


Iain Macmillan is one of the UK’s top carp anglers and coaches. He’s a regular contributor to the UK carp fishing press, and has captured some enormous fish in his time.

Why do we like it?

Lots of instructional fishing films make the mistake of assuming too much or too little prior knowledge on the part of the viewer. This film pitches the content just right, with clear, relatively jargon-free explanations. It also covers areas that may be second nature to old hands, but full of mystery to the inexperienced. In answering the questions that Iain is asked most often, it is a great resource for all novice and improving carp anglers.

Who’s this for?

Anyone looking to brush up on their carp fishing basic skills.

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