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Review – The Fish of My Dreams

One man’s quest for a golden mahseer


The Fish of My Dreams – In Search of the Himalayan Golden Mahseer


Coarse & Match; Predators

Running Time

42 minutes

What’s it all about?

A British angler seeks to catch a so-called ‘Indian Salmon’ high by travelling to a remote river close to the boarder between India and Nepal. We follow Stu on his journey to the river and then through the highs and lows that come with every fishing expedition.


Stu Walker is a British angler and filmmaker who has fished all over the world. He’s a bit of a barbel specialist, and even made a series devoted to the species. It was a trip to the Himalayas that sparked his move from angler to filmmaker.

Why do we like it?

There’s a real sense of adventure with this film – the length of the journey in itself helps with that, but then seeing the team fly-camping by the side of the river really drives home how close to nature it is possible to get when fishing.

The other thing we like about this film is that it is not afraid to explore just how important one single fish can be to a person, and what it can mean to them.

Who’s this for?

Adventurers, coarse anglers, predator anglers, globetrotters

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