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Review – The River Man

A life in focus


The River Man


The Fly Fishing Channel; Planet Fish

Running Time

16 minutes

What’s it all about?

The River Man is a short film taking a look at the life of one of Ireland’s most well-known and longest serving salmon guides.


The River Man – Connie Corcoran, ghillie and living legend.

Why do we like it?

Some people stand out in a landscape, looking out of place and out of sorts. That’s not true of Connie Corcoran, who wears the glorious scenery of the Blackwater River like a comfortable old coat. He is a part of the landscape, and this film’s photography and gentle style manage to convey that sense of belonging in a truly lyrical manner. His story is one that harks back to a bygone age – gone are the days when an unqualified lad could poach his way into a job for life – and this passing of time, this turning of the wheel, is sensitively and subtly highlighted without being cloying, misty-eyed or nostalgic. Instead it conveys the strength of the relationship between one man and the river that has been his life for decades.

Who’s this for?

Fly fishers, students of people

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