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Review – For the Sport of It

Mako Sharks Fly


For the Sport of It


Saltwater Angler; The Fly Fishing Channel; Planet Fish

Running Time?

10 minutes

What’s it all about?

For the Sport of It introduces us to Capt. Mark Martin, a San Diego angler attempting to catch Mako Sharks on a fly rod. It also looks at how the catch and release philosophy is slowly gaining ground in the world of shark fishing.


Captain Mark Martin is a charter skipper working out of San Diego, focussing on saltwater fly fishing. He’s a regular speaker at fly fishing events in the state. He’s also a member of ‘Anglers Eye Media’, makers of visually stunning fly fishing adventure films.

Why do we like it?

Where to begin? First of all, we’re huge fans of people targeting species with unconventional tackle – the internet is awash with videos of people using conventional shark fishing techniques and people trying new tactics is always fun.

Second, it’s the fish – makos are renowned for their speed, aggression and acrobatic antics when hooked and they sure deliver in this film.

Finally, we love the broader message that the film carries – that shark fishing need not be about killing. Sharks have a problematic public image, but shark fishing is beginning to come under fire as the public wake up to the devastating impact that commercial shark fishing and the practice of shark finning have had. It is refreshing to see anglers taking a responsible stance and using the sport to support conservation efforts.

Who’s this for?

This is a film that will find fans among thrill-seekers, conservationists and saltwater fly anglers alike.

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