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New Zealand Fly Fishing

New Zealand is reknowned as one of the best places for fly fishing on the planet and is surely on the bucket list of every fly angler out there. Here's a selection of films and shows that will make you drool with envy and start saving those pennies.
The backcountry of New Zealand holds a special place in the heart of all Kiwis. "Going bush" is a national past-time, and Kiwi fly fishers like nothing better than the sun on their backpack, the cold touch of a mountain stream and the opportunity of sight fishing to giant trout in pristine settings. These two films explore a number of backcountry fisheries with anglers who exude a profound connection to the wilderness. The cast of the film is as extensive and varied as the landscapes explored. In the end it is dedicated, inspired people will ensure that the spirit of the backcountry will thrive, preserving a world that we are proud to hand over to those who come after us.  
Shot in New Zealand's famous wilderness, Dean Bell is back with another beautiful and informative film, this time sharing tips to counter the most common issues that fly fishers face when targeting trout. The emphasis is on line-management, and, of course, stealth.  
Pure Fly New Zealand returns for an action packed season 2 showing off the best fly fishing New Zealand has to offer. Each episode follows a new set of expert anglers as they explore the varying river systems and lakes of New Zealand's North and South Islands looking for trophy Brown and Rainbow Trout. Spending 3 or 4 days at each location, sees the anglers really getting the most out of each fishery and enables them to target the best fish around. As you'd expect, there's some stunning scenery on show in a real mix of locations from the alluvial plains of Southland, to the inaccessible gorges in the Easter Cape and the myriad of river systems on the Western Coast. Most unusual is fishing the team encounter in the McKenzie Canals where the trout can reach gargantuan sizes and we see fish up to 30lb! Pure Fishing NZ really brings it in this epic 2nd series and will have you drooling in no time. To watch just login or join
Only the River Knows is a fly fishing film exploring the often thin line between fact and fiction in the obsessive minds of anglers. When young trout bum Rolf Nylinder gets lost in New Zealand's backcountry, he finds the long-forgotten journal of legendary fly fisher Lars Lenth. The journal captures Rolf's imagination, and he sets out to relive the journal's marvellous tales of the monster trout living in the legendary Lethe River. But will he ever succeed in catching one, and who is the mysterious author Lars Lenth? Only the River Knows was awarded Best Story and Best Movie of all times at the 2013 Drake Awards, fly fishing film's equivalent to the Oscars. If you appreciate great cinematography, huge brown trout and a great fishing story, this is the film for you Register or login to watch this film
New Zealand's trout are famous the world over for being BIG. In this film fishing guide Dean Bell visits a number of stunning locations - wild, clean, crystal clear waters - and shares some hints and tips for how to land these wily fish.  
NORTH ISLAND, New Zealand fly fishing is regarded by many as the holy grail for trout anglers, but it seems to be the South Island that gets all the glory. This Film follows seven fly fishermen, from different places and different walks of life, as they each explore a treasured corner of the North Island. This land of active volcanoes, rugged gorges and dense forests provides an epic backdrop for some of the best trout fishing on the planet. Although very different from its more well known neighbour the North Island backs up why New Zealand fly fishing is so highly rated by Trout fishermen no matter which of the two Islands you find yourself on. As the guys in this film get deeper into the wilderness the fish just keep getting bigger and bigger, and that just spurs them on around the next corner even more. As each story weaves into the fabric of the film it becomes evident that despite their differences the characters are all bound together by their passion for the back country. Starring Mike Davis, Rene vaz, Mike Kirkpatrick, Steve Sprague Andrew Harding, Cory Scott and Tony Hildesheim To watch just login or register (
Pure Fly is an 8 part series in which each episode follows a different pair of anglers as they explore one of the incredible fly fishing opportunities that New Zealand has to offer, from the trout fishing Meccas of the backcountry for trophy rainbow and brown trout to newly discovered saltwater fisheries for Kingfish. This fantastic series was produced by Nick Reygaart of Gin Clear Media, who brought us epic films like the Source Series, Predator and Leviathan
New Zealand reigns supreme as the ultimate fly fishing destination, the South Island is regarded as the premier wild brown trout fishing in the world. Extensively exploring the South Island with an eclectic group of anglers, the film flows through a collection of stories that exemplify the South Island and the New Zealand fly fishing experience. The film does a great job of show casing exactly what South Island fly fishing in New Zealand is all about and how at times it can be tough, with highly unpredictable weather, back country fishermen need to have their wits about them. When the weather clears and the unbelievable scenery that the South Island is famed for unveils itself, all thoughts of hardship are gone, and the anglers get down to the business of landing monster trout. Whilst watching this film it is very easy to see why so many wild at heart trout anglers choose New Zealand as a destination, with miles and miles of remote pristine rivers, anglers can almost believe that they were the first to wet a fly here. Filmed during the best year for big fish in the last decade, The Source – New Zealand features breath taking fly fishing moments captured using HD cameras, stunning aerial shots and crystal clear underwater footage. From acclaimed director, Nick Reygaert, this film sets a new benchmark in fly fishing filmmaking. To watch just login or register (
Join Al Brown and Andrew Harding on the banks of the Tongariro in New Zealand for some of the best rainbow trout fishing in the world. The boys got the show off to a flying start, before heading to the National Trout Centre to meet some kids trying fly fishing for the first time, and learn more about the work that goes on at the hatchery, and preparing the catch for the smoker.


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