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For many fly fishing is more than just a sport; it is an all consuming passion. This passion drives them to live extraordinary adventures as they chase big fish in exotic countries all over the planet.

THE SOURCE SERIES celebrates and shares this spirit by bringing angling adventures to life in a three part High Definition Series that takes in New Zealand, Tasmania and Iceland: three of the most legendary fly fishing destinations on the planet.

Tasmania’s unique wilderness trout fishery offers unparalleled variety and challenge for the adventure-driven fly fisher. Rising from the Southern Ocean, Australia’s largest island provides a varied landscape from alpine moorlands to virgin forest, each hosting a myriad of pristine lakes, rivers and streams. Massive sea trout on the wild West Coast, dry fly fishing in pure rainforest creeks, rafting the fabled lowland rivers and sight fishing in the Western Lakes. These chapters form a cinematic adventure, exploring the history, beauty and diversity of the fishery. More than a century ago the first trout to be introduced to the Southern Hemisphere were released into Tasmania’s Plenty River, establishing the foundation for fly fishing down-under. Journey to THE SOURCE….  
New Zealand
New Zealand reigns supreme as the ultimate fly fishing destination, the South Island is regarded as the premier wild brown trout fishing in the world. Extensively exploring the South Island with an eclectic group of anglers, the film flows through a collection of stories that exemplify the South Island and the New Zealand fly fishing experience. The film does a great job of show casing exactly what South Island fly fishing in New Zealand is all about and how at times it can be tough, with highly unpredictable weather, back country fishermen need to have their wits about them. When the weather clears and the unbelievable scenery that the South Island is famed for unveils itself, all thoughts of hardship are gone, and the anglers get down to the business of landing monster trout. Whilst watching this film it is very easy to see why so many wild at heart trout anglers choose New Zealand as a destination, with miles and miles of remote pristine rivers, anglers can almost believe that they were the first to wet a fly here. Filmed during the best year for big fish in the last decade, The Source – New Zealand features breath taking fly fishing moments captured using HD cameras, stunning aerial shots and crystal clear underwater footage. From acclaimed director, Nick Reygaert, this film sets a new benchmark in fly fishing filmmaking. To watch just login or register (
Volcanoes, glaciers and cascading water, Iceland’s magnetic allure is irresistible for the travelling fly fisher. In this land of myths and legends nature tells it’s own epic saga. From the river of their birth, the salmon make the journey out to sea to grow strong, returning each year bringing nourishment to the land and it’s people. The pristine rivers and lakes are home to four indigenous salmonid species - Salmon, Brown Trout, Arctic Char and Sea Trout - a bounty of opportunity. This epic cinematic experience captures the passion and excitement of fly fishers exploring this unique land.  
Producer / Director Nick Reygaert describes what went into making The Source - New Zealand film.  
Nick Reygaert and his team of expert anglers explain their passion for wild trout and salmon fishing that led them to Iceland, where they were able to capture their exploits with stunning photography and underwater footage.


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