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Ripon Khalique comes into his element in this episode of Untamed Angler, as he, James Stokoe and Hywel Morgan join Rob Hughes at Baden Hall Fisheries in Staffordshire in pursuit of Carp. As a multiple-time world champion angler and captain to the England Carp team, Rob is a valuable player in this contest. The boys arrive to a summery lake bubbling with surface feeders, but when they prove stubborn on the top, Rob employs a sneaky change of tactics to get a bite within seconds. As the sun goes down, the real competition begins, as the boys fish through the night to build a massive bag of hard fighting Carp.
As part 11 of Simon McCabe’s visually masterful series, ‘Roots’ captures the joy every angler knows of returning to where all began, that being in Simon’s case, small water UK Carp fishing. The venue is a famous one. The Carp Syndicate in Crowborough, East Sussex is known nationwide for the size and quality of its Carp. The water is warming and the fish are beginning to move, so Simon details his through process behind rod placement and methods. Friend and proficient carper Alan Blair comes to lend a hand, employing a more subtle approach and quickly showing up Simon. Roots doesn’t just showcase good sport, it celebrates the brotherhood, beauty and serenity at the heart of Carp Fishing.
Simon McCabe introduces this fascinating series as he makes his return to Carp fishing after a few years absence. Having worked in the industry, at some point fishing lost its allure for Simon and was replaced by his love of nature and wildlife photography. Realising that he could do both, he sets out on a series of carp fishing sessions, rekindling the fire that was always still there. Beautifully shot and with some stunning locations coupled Simon's unique commentary, this is a must watch series for Carp anglers.
They said they'd never do it again, but Carp angling maestro's Mark Pitchers and Harry Charrington are back with an epic sequel to the smash hit, 'In the the Pursuit of Carpiness'. With the entire Carp fishing globe at their disposal, the first port of call for this road trip is Norway, which may seem a very unexpected destination but they find themselves on a stunning 30 acre lake in Westland, full of hope and raring to go. Things start off slow and although Harry just saves them a blank with a small fish, they decide to change venues to somewhere a little more forgiving. They head down the road to a stunning lake that they later dub 'the Redmire of Norway' as its home to some of the biggest fish in the country and as dawn breaks the next day, Mark lands his first Norweigan Carp, and its a cracker. As they settle down for dinner that evening, Harry also gets into the action as line starts ripping from his reel and lands another stunnning 20lb plus Mirror Carp. As the weather brightens they decide to take a break from this lake and get an invite to try a Carp pond in a local Zoo of all things, but Harry isn't best pleased as they arrive as he realises that Mark has 'customised' his rod with an electric saw. With Norway, done and dusted, the boys head to another less travelled Carp destination, Kazakhstan. After a quick shopping trip with local guide, Max they head to their first lake and set up in the near 40 degree heat. But before long, a storm hits and things are not off to a great start but as the storm eases and with the rods out, the boys are treated to some amazing Kazakhstan hospitality with drinks flowing and a feast fit for carping kings. With a blank staring them in the face, as well a hangover, Mark decides to walk the banks and sees some fish in another area of the lake and Harry takes quick advantage, landing a nice Grass Carp. Next up is Germany, and after the boys land some urban Carp outside their hotel,  they hit the road and meet up with their local guide who has a series of great venues lined up. Germany certainly doesn't disappoint and they both land some huge Carp but the trip ends in disappointment as Mark loses a goliath fish in the last hour. Back home, he just can't forget about the loss so the trip continues with a return trip to Germany including quick stop off in Belgium to meet one of Mark's carp fishing heroes. If you liked the first film then you're going to love In the Pursuit of Carpiness 2. This epic adventure brings big fish in stunning locations with plenty of laughs..what more could you possibly want from a Carp movie? To watch just login or join
Top UK carp angler, Adam Penning returns to Fishing TV in The Summer Hunt,  a new film about a 3 day fishing sesssion on Fryerning Lakes in 2019. This was filmed in one the hottest periods of the summer and meant Adam could adopt numerous tactics and this 90 min film dives deep into his though processes about what to do. If you've seen Adam before, you'll know how much he loves surface fishing and the fish don't disappoint but he also finds a lot of success in the margins too. There's plenty to admire here from one the best carp anglers around who'll show you all the tips, tactics and rigs he employs in adverse conditions like this. To watch The Summer Hunt just login or register
Although Des is generally thought of as a river angler, he admits that he loves Carp fishing and here at the Sitch Lake in Shropshire he is able to indulge himself during a two day session in the famous Holiday swim. It's April and although the sun is shining in clear blue skies it's unseasonably cold and the water temperature has dropped, so Des is taking a cagey approach, not over feeding. He's casting a slow sinking pineapple wafter hookbait that he hope's will sit just above his free offerings, halved Scopex Squid 20mm boilies soaked in Tigernut juice with Betaine and Hemp Oil that he's strung on a short PVA thread and attached to the hook. He's hoping that the wafter will sit just above these and be the first thing sucked into an unsuspecting hungry carp's mouth. The lake is a consistent 4 feet deep with a silty bottom and Des has seen carp breaking the surface about 70 yards out, so he's casting his two rods into this area. There are plenty of Carp in the lake ranging from 20lbs to one just over 50lbs but in these conditions Des will be happy with a bite or two. He doesn't have to wait too long before he gets a drop back on the alarm and the game is on. Des has been carp fishing for many years and has plenty of tips on reading the conditions, casting techniques and bait presentation making this a great film to watch. To watch Carp at The Sitch now, just login or join
Matt Hayes is in Ontario Canada, in this 2 hr long feature length film about Carp fishing in which he tries to demystify the sport and show how you can put your first big carp on the bank using tactics and tips that can be applied anywhere. Drawing on the advice of local carp maestro, Len Perdic,  Matt sets about fishing a variety of top carp locations including rivers, lakes, canals and locks. With thousands of options where Common and some Mirror carp reside,  Ontario must surely be on the bucket list for any carp angler and the fish here are wild and grow to big sizes. After discussing how to locate carp on arrival at a location, Matt talks us through the basic tackle you'll need before showing us some common rig set ups. Matt talks us through all of the various elements in modern day carp rigs and how and when to employ different rigs. Matt meets several local Carp anglers who give a fascinating insight as to why the carp fishing here can be considered amongt the best in the world. This is an excellent film for those new to carp fishing which will give them a solid grounding when starting but there's also plenty to enjoy for more experienced anglers too, especially if a trip to Canada is in your radar. Matt has taught and encouraged thousands of anglers over the years through his TV shows and this film is an excellent resource for carpers rammed full of useful tips and tactics to help you catch more fish. To watch just login or join
Alpine Carp
In the latest of their Carp Travels, Robert Rakowicz and Przemysław (Pep) Pająk make a 3,000km round trip from their home in Poland to the French Alps in search of their first Alpine Carp. They are staying on a small private lake at an altitude of approximately 1000m, its September, but the sudden changes in weather can best be described as dynamic, if not dramatic. After an extensive recce by boat on their first day, they decide to fish a few meters out from their swim, but after a fruitless night decide a more radical approach is required. They liked the look of an underwater ridge, 500m out, in the middle of the lake, so decide to take the boat out there again, bait the area, drop their hookbaits and a marker and return with their rods to the swim. The tactics eventually pay off and the guys' hard work is eventually rewarded with some magnificent carp. Robert breaking his PB. As a diary of their expedition, the film is beautifully shot and conveys the joy of bivvying up in such a stunning location, surrounded by the mountains and its wildlife on all sides. And to affirm that it's not just about the fishing, the guys share a visit they made to nearby Grenoble providing a chance to do a bit of sightseeing and to sample the local culture. This film is in Polish with English subtitles To watch Alpine Carp now, just login or register
There's unfinished business at Cavagnac Lake in Provence, France so Alessandro Baccoli returns to once again try and tempt the monster carp in the 2nd part of his stunning film. Cavagnac lake owner, Arnoud Frechou is once again on hand to impart his expert knowledge of the lake and advise Alessandro how to target these fish. Conditions are ideal and having fed well all winter, free from angler attention, the fish certainly aren't hook shy as Alessandro soon finds out landing some stunning Common and Mirror Carp in tip tip top condition. Arnoud talks us through is scientific approach to selecting baits before we see how to tie his favoured Cavagnac Rig which is simple but effective. Don't miss 'Return to Cavagnac', the concluding part to Alessandro's story of his love affair with this amazing carp lake in the heart of the beautiful Provence countryside. Part One available here To watch, just login or register
In this episode of Reel Africa we join freshwater specimen anglers Werner Lubbe and John Dearden for a session at Aqua Paradiso on the outskirts of Johannesburg. John has pioneered specimen fishing in South Africa for over 20 years, he is a contributor to The Carp Angler magazine and the creation of Aqua Paradiso as a specimen carp lake is due in no small way, to the interest he has generated in the sport. He and Werner are on a session just before the lake is officially re-opened and they are fishing pop-ups off the bottom with PVA bags of bait. The crystal clear water makes the fish exceptionally wary, but John is able to bag a couple of lovely 20 pounders. To watch Carp Fishing South Africa now, just login or register
In this extra length one off special, two titans collide in a winner takes all showdown on Loggies Lake in Kent. Champions of series 1 and 2, Harry Pratt and Ian Russell will need to pull out all the stops to become the Carp Wars Champion of Champions. With Harry getting the better of Ian in series 1, will he have the psycological edge or will Ian's confidence be too high after his masterful performances in Series 2?
In the first of a new 2 part film, Italian film maker and keen carp angler Alessandro Baccoli takes a trip to Cavagnac Lake in the South of France. At 52 acres and depths approaching 15 ft, this is a fantastic lake for the visiting angler....small enough to be manageable but with enough variety to provides real challenge. The lake's stock includes 40s, 50s and 60lb fish and possibly beyond. The fishery's manager Arnaud Frenchou introduces us to the lake and explains the tactics and rigs you'll need for success in this stunning location. To watch Cavagnac Lake, just login or register now
Watch carp fishing superstars, Mark Pitchers and Harry Charrington, as they leave the U.K and set off on the mother of all fishing road trips.... In Pursuit of Carpiness. This epic, near 3hr film kicks off in Slovenia where Mark comes face to face with his worst nightmare. The next leg of their journey takes them transatlantic to the Big Apple where they visit what is undoubtedly the most famous urban park on the planet and soon discover the true meaning of love! With New York done they hit the road once again and head off to their next destination where they celebrate the 4th of July in the carpiest way possible. Then things take an unexpected twist, go off piste and this little adventure becomes a great big one.
The terrible twosome - Iain ‘Ting Tong’ Macmillan and Lee ‘Mozza’ Morris - return for the third episode of the DNA Open Access Series, this time from Mallard Lake on the Stanwick Lakes complex. Tong sets about tempting some of the stunning carp that reside in this fantastic Northamptonshire venue. Can Tong keep his cool despite being faced with no sleep, savage mozzies and the usual barracking from Mozza?
In the long awaited second episode of 'Addicted to Carp' host Adam Penning meets carp farmer extraordinaire Simon Scott. The pair head to Shillinglee, a day ticket water near Simon's fish farm, for a 'cheeky overnighter' and a chinwag. Among other things they discuss are Simon's first memories of carp fishing, his preferred styles of carp fishing, and what it is that makes him such a carp-addict.


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