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Big Fish on the Fly

Whether its Giant Trevally, huge Atlantic Salmon, Tarpon or Trophy Brown Trout, they can all be caught on the fly and here's a few experts showing you how to do it.
Renowned independent filmmaker, Robert Thompson, brings us this fascinating follow up to his hit fly fishing film, Musky Country. Filmed in 2020 and 2021, Musky Country Lessons takes a deep dive into fly fishing for Musky, following guide and Musky expert, Brad Bohen. As you'd expect with any content from this director, this 5hr, 3 part series looks stunning and is full of tips and techniques that any prospective Musky angler needs to know to succeed.
For humankind, water is a source of eternal wonder, so too the creatures that dwell within this mysterious realm. The lure of the unknown is what drives fly fishers to explore and to seek out the largest fish of a species, not for the trophy but for the challenge. LEVIATHAN documents epic fly fishing battles with these modern-day aquatic monsters in a global tour-de-force. New Zealand is recognized as a mecca for trout anglers, but few realise that the largest of these live in tiny spring creeks hidden deep in the dense forests of the Bay of Plenty. LEVIATHAN descends into the forest to shine some light on these enigmatic beasts. Next are the giant rainbow trout of Patagonia’s fabled Jurassic Lake. This desolate and wind swept lake is undoubtedly home to the largest trout on the planet. Surprisingly, these brutes readily devour huge dry flies, leading to many heart-in-mouth moments for fly fishers. In the South Pacific, there is one denizen of the deep that demands instant respect - the Giant Trevally. Amongst fishermen the lore of their strength and aggression is second to none. LEVIATHAN follows fly fishers as they lock horns with these mighty fish in the coral reefs of French Polynesia and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.
There are Tarpon fishing films, and then there are tarpon fishing films. This is definitely the latter. Two guys - Daniel Göz and Jan Bach Kristensen - venture far off the beaten track in Central America on a quest for giant tarpon, caught on the fly from float tubes. The adventure unfolds as the catch of a lifetime is documented with incredible footage of exhilarating close-up fights with giant tarpon, breathtaking scenery and wildlife as well as interaction with the locals. - Drake Film Festival “Best Fishing” 2010 - Les Farios - Pêches Sportives outstanding Cinematography 2011 - 5Point Film Festival “Best Submission” 2011 - Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards 2011 Silver Winner “Adventure & Travel”
Paul is fulfilling many a fly angler's dreams in this episode by taking on the mighty Sea Trout from the Rio Grande in Tierra Del Fuego. He's at the famous Kau Tapen Lodge and owner Steve Estella first talks Paul through the various patterns that are used here to catch these monsters. Heading down to the river, Paul then meets up with guide and fellow Scotsman Ian Neil who gives Paul some advice on where fish will lie in the first pool they fish. A small Brown Trout is landed before gets into real thing and a good Sea Trout gets Paul's reel screaming. Paul's soon into another and the fish just keep getting bigger with this one around 13lbs. Paul's like a kid in sweet shop here and who wouldn't be with fish of a lifetime coming thick and fast. The best so yet to come though, as the daylight fades and Paul has a mighty tussle with the biggest Sea Trout he's ever seen.
New Zealand reigns supreme as the ultimate fly fishing destination, the South Island is regarded as the premier wild brown trout fishing in the world. Extensively exploring the South Island with an eclectic group of anglers, the film flows through a collection of stories that exemplify the South Island and the New Zealand fly fishing experience. The film does a great job of show casing exactly what South Island fly fishing in New Zealand is all about and how at times it can be tough, with highly unpredictable weather, back country fishermen need to have their wits about them. When the weather clears and the unbelievable scenery that the South Island is famed for unveils itself, all thoughts of hardship are gone, and the anglers get down to the business of landing monster trout. Whilst watching this film it is very easy to see why so many wild at heart trout anglers choose New Zealand as a destination, with miles and miles of remote pristine rivers, anglers can almost believe that they were the first to wet a fly here. Filmed during the best year for big fish in the last decade, The Source – New Zealand features breath taking fly fishing moments captured using HD cameras, stunning aerial shots and crystal clear underwater footage. From acclaimed director, Nick Reygaert, this film sets a new benchmark in fly fishing filmmaking. To watch just login or register (
Tarpon – the ultimate sport fish: fast, powerful, acrobatic, big. "Chasing Silver" takes a look at the day in the life of two obsessive anglers with a competitive nature – a former championship skier and a champion fisherman – and the techniques and tricks that they use to land the biggest tarpon they can. Even these pros get taught a lesson or two by these hard fighting fish.
Andrew Harding and Matt Hince team up to visit a huge man-made lake - one of New Zealand's most famous trophy trout waters - in the country's North Island: Lake Otamangakau. The shallow waters give rise to lush weedbeds, which in turn are home to huge numbers of damsel flies and damsel fly nymphs: food for hungry browns and rainbows. Can the boys capture a Big O trophy fish?
Having travelled the world chasing fish, the people in this film believed that they had experienced the very best of what fly fishing has to offer. But then the long absent bluefin tuna returned to the waters off the coast of the France's Pays Basque. Catching bluefin tuna on the fly would turn out to be the best of all.
Fly Nation's Yoshi & Naoto Aoki attempt to break the world record for Drum fish caught on an 8lb fly line. There are plenty of huge examples to be found in their local Moira River, Belleville but can they deliver the goods? Then we're on the one of the tributaries of the St Lawrence River after the large sea-run Brook Trout that pass through here.
The Fly Nation team head to the Atlantic coast of Florida, where under the expert guidance of Capt John Meskauskas they target the Tarpon that gather in large shoals, feeding just offshore. There are plenty of other large species, Permit, Cobia and Crevalle Jack that also provide some lively entertainment.
Pure Fly New Zealand leaves home in this episode, as producer Nick Reygaert and Craig Rist fly out to the famous Jurassic Lake in Argentina to go fishing for massive Rainbow Trout. Officially named Lago Strobel, Jurassic Lake was given its nickname by fly fisherman worldwide for good reason. The combination of crystal-clear water, abundant food and remote location make for perhaps the biggest, healthiest and most numerous wild Rainbows in the world. Nick and Craig start off in the lagoons and streams that surround the area, before heading to the main lake to try sight fishing for the big one. This episode showcases perhaps the best fly fishing sport in the world.
In 'Mouse Trout' we travel to Fiordland, the largest of New Zealand's national parks, located at the bottom of South Island. As well as a large number of lakes and rivers, it has vast areas of pristine Beech forests. These are home to a variety of indigenous bird life as well as to the non native Field Mouse, introduced by trading ships in the 1800's. Every 5 or 6 years there is a phenomenon created by the Beech trees 'masting' or seeding. The field mice love Beech seeds, so this bountiful supply of food leads to a population explosion. During these 'plagues' the mice will venture everywhere in a scramble for food and at night will even swim across the rivers and lakes looking for floating seeds. Although not part of their normal diet, the Trout are attracted to what is a large furry meal flapping about on the surface. They knock the mice unconscious with their tails before eating them whole, head first. This high protein diet leads to prodigious growth rates and very large trout. So it's not surprising to find, during these Mice Plagues, keen fly fishermen out on the hunt for trophy fish. In this episode of Pure Fly NZ we follow Queenstown local Nick Geddes and his mate Anto Hall on an overnight session to one of the Fiordland Lakes. They have come armed with plenty of mouse pattern imitator flies and the patience to wait until after midnight. As the evening wind drops, conditions become perfect and an early recce shows that there are mice and Trout on the move. Anto's first fish is exactly what they came for, a whopping 14 pounder and from then on to say that the guys had a great night's fishing would be a bit of an understatement. To watch Mouse Trout now, just login or join
Pure Fly New Zealand switches it up in this episode, as Anto Hall and Jeff Forsee try fly fishing for Kingfish, Trevally and Snapper around the Three Kings. The Three Kings are a group of islands around fifty kilometers off the northern coast of New Zealand. The clear water and steep cliffs make for not only an incredible setting, but a perfect environment for all manner of big sport fish species. As the crew pull up to the spot they quickly realise they’re in for the session of a lifetime, with the possibility of a huge Kingfish on light fly tackle. New Zealand certainly isn’t just for Trout fisherman.


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