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Here's a top 10 selection of the best free to watch videos available on Fishing TV
This short film by Fly Fishing Nation showcases the incredible environment of Farquhar Atoll. This tiny island in the Indian Ocean just north of Madagascar is considered one of the worlds most remote fisheries. Commercial fishing and natural disasters have left Farquhar devasted in recent decades, but since the implementation of new protection laws, it’s remained untouched for over a year. Maverick fly fishers Jasper Paakonen, Keith Rose-Innes, Devan Van De Merwe and Marina Gibson are the first the cast a line in 13 months, and they arrive to a seemingly untouched natural world. Some of the biggest Bonefish, Triggerfish, Milkfish, GT and Parrotfish on the planet live in these waters, so on light fly tackle the sport is extreme. Told through incredible cinematography and passion, this film shows off the kind of environment we anglers could enjoy if nature is allowed to heal itself.
Journey On
We’ve all dreamed of quitting our jobs, packing our fishing kit and heading out into the wilderness to do nothing but eat, sleep and fish. That’s exactly what talented filmmakers and lifelong fly fishers Chase and Aimee did. They swapped the comforts of home for a vintage 1985 VW Westfalia motorhome and headed west, towards the fly fishing Mecca of Montana. After dodging wild, 18-wheeler-flipping storms, and a spell among the geysers and grizzlies of Yellowstone, they eventually make it to a remote lake in Montana rumoured to hold rare Golden Trout. Despite a greuelling hike, the lake proved worth it, and not just for the trout.  
This short film by Conservation Hawks follows six adventurous anglers as they visit a remote North American Steelhead river in 2015 - the film highlights not only the magic of the river, the fish and the scenery, but also addresses the challenges that they face - climate change, and ocean acidification, which threaten the very existence of this delicate ecosystem. The film is accompanied by a petition to the US Congress to protect steelhead and salmon in the USA - you can sign the petition, or read about the project on the film's website, and we encourage you to do so!  
Join Aussie fishing guide Redbeard, filmmaker Webby, and their pet backpacker, French-Candian Alexis, as they head north from Sydney towards the tropical waters of North Queensland. With a few stops along the way, they arrive at their destination, some 2.5 thousand kilometers from their starting point. In this exotic location they set about showing why saltwater fly fishing is among the most spectacular ways to enjoy the sport, with huge GTs and tuna falling to their rods. Australians rarely do anything by halves and this is no exception: the anglers in this film are rowdy, raucus, and wild and really enjoy their fishing...    
In this extra length one off special, two titans collide in a winner takes all showdown on Loggies Lake in Kent. Champions of series 1 and 2, Harry Pratt and Ian Russell will need to pull out all the stops to become the Carp Wars Champion of Champions. With Harry getting the better of Ian in series 1, will he have the psycological edge or will Ian's confidence be too high after his masterful performances in Series 2?
From surf to stream, we'll take you on a chase, up close and personal, for today's most popular gamefish or that perfect wave. This is Hobie country! We'll cover the tips, tactics, and techniques for the ultimate kayaking experience as we embrace the abundant opportunities the water has to offer.
Expert Bass angler, Wade Middleton brings us another series of Fisherman's Handbook, a FREE to view series packed full of top tips to help you improve your catch rates when Bass fishing. Wade showcases some of the latest equipment on the market such as his new Ranger boat and the Garmin Livescope which gives unparalleled access to underwater visuals. Top Bass pros join the series and offer their advice on a range of topics. If you want to become a better Bass angler then Fisherman's handbook is a great place to start.
Host Randy Bowser takes you on a tour of a couple of the diverse locations available when Fishing the Yucatan Coastline. First up, he and good friend and fellow guide Bob Thomas are fishing on the Ria at their hometown of Progresso. It's a backwater lagoon of crystal clear water that's only 3 feet deep and they're lure fishing for the Speckle Sea Trout that are found here in large numbers. Small rubber jigs and top water lures seem work best, the Sea Trout love attacking the surface lurers and provide some spectacular action when they do so. The second location is the Biosphere Reserve at Rio Logartos, on the Northern tip of Yucatan, where Randy teams up with Diego Nunez Sr. the Reserve is another area of rias and lagoons, but this time they're targeting Tarpon and Snook. They start in open the open water of the lagoon, where they can see the Tarpon and can cast at them. Then they head into the smaller, tighter channels amongst the mangroves where a large fish might be lurking under the vegetation. It's difficult to cast here, so randy has to improvise, but once a fish bites, you know about it. To watch Fishing the Yucatan Coastline now, just login or register
The Inshore Fishing Association presents The IFA Redfish Tour presented by Cabela's. The IFA is the largest and oldest Redfish tour in the nation with over 40 events annually in a variety of locations for anglers to compete in from Texas to the Carolinas. Here is a selection of some of the events from the 2017 and 2018 seasons.
This amazing film follows Capt Mark Martin as he attempts to catch a Mako Shark on a fly rod off the San Diego coast and includes some of the most spectacular fly fishing footage you're ever likely to see. At the same time we get an insight into how attitudes are changing in the world of shark fishing: where once sharks were killed, now catch and release is gaining ground.
Carp Wars gets off to an explosive start as two of the sport’s heavyweights Ian Russell and Dave Laney Lane slug it out in the first episode of the ultimate carp fishing competition.  
Rae Borras jumps over to Eastern Iceland for this episode of The Game Fishers Diary, to have a crack at his very first Icelandic Atlantic Salmon. Albeit a regular on Scottish Salmon rivers, Rae is a stranger to the immense scale of rivers, mountains and active volcanoes that make up Iceland. King among these rivers is the Breiddalsa, known especially for the well above average size of its Salmon, making it perhaps one of the greatest places in the world for the species. With the help of his witty guide Jonas, after hours of trekking and exploration, Rae gets a chance to land his very first Icelandic Atlantic Salmon. Rae then joins fisherman and conservationist Throstur for an afternoon session, and an education on the farming programmes trying to introduce even bigger salmon to the Breiddalsa. This episode shows exactly why Iceland is considered so magical among game fishers.
The story of Peter Power's mission to protect the  Atlantic Salmon of Russia's Kola Peninsula. This amazing landscape is home to some enormous runs of salmon and this pioneeringn project has attracted anglers from around the world who want to experience some of the most remote and remarkable salmon fishing available to mankind. 
Salmon Confidential is a new film on the government cover up of what is killing British Columbia’s wild salmon. When biologist Alexandra Morton discovers BC’s wild salmon are testing positive for dangerous European salmon viruses associated with salmon farming worldwide, a chain of events is set off by the government to suppress the findings. Tracking viruses, Morton moves from courtrooms, into British Columbia’s most remote rivers, Vancouver grocery stores and sushi restaurants. The film documents Morton’s journey as she attempts to overcome government and industry roadblocks thrown in her path and works to bring critical information to the public in time to save BC’s wild salmon. The film provides surprising insight into the inner workings of government agencies, as well as rare footage of the bureaucrats tasked with managing our fish and the safety of our food supply.  
Simon McCabe’s hibernation is over, as he comes back from a year of lockdown for a day at Ongar’s Stanford Hall Fisheries in search of winter Carp, in an episode entitled ‘Fisherman Returns’. It may be winter, it may be wet, it may be difficult, but it doesn’t matter, we're finally free. Nothing can deter a fisherman denied his passion for so long, especially on a venue like this. Stanford Hall is known for monster Carp with exquisite scale patterns. For all of us who haven’t made it back out for a session yet, this episode is a calling.
As part 11 of Simon McCabe’s visually masterful series, ‘Roots’ captures the joy every angler knows of returning to where all began, that being in Simon’s case, small water UK Carp fishing. The venue is a famous one. The Carp Syndicate in Crowborough, East Sussex is known nationwide for the size and quality of its Carp. The water is warming and the fish are beginning to move, so Simon details his through process behind rod placement and methods. Friend and proficient carper Alan Blair comes to lend a hand, employing a more subtle approach and quickly showing up Simon. Roots doesn’t just showcase good sport, it celebrates the brotherhood, beauty and serenity at the heart of Carp Fishing.


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