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Yucatan Anglers TV – Series 1

In this, the original series of Yucatan Anglers TV we meet Randy Bowser, expert angler and guide, based in Progresso, Yucatan on the Gulf Coast of Mexico. Over the course of 7 episodes he travels throughout the Yucatan region showcasing some of its best fishing locations, using either freshly caught bait or his favourite lures, he generally fishes inshore, around the harbour of his home town of Progresso or the mangrove line reaches of areas such as Dzilam de Bravo. His favourite fish is the Tarpon and there are plenty of these silver monsters to be found along the shoreline of Yucatan, but there are also lots of Snook, Speckled Sea Trout and Barracuda to be had as well. Whether he's winning or losing his battle with the fish Randy always has a smile on his face and is a great ambassador for this part of the world.

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Host Randy Bowser takes you on a tour of a couple of the diverse locations available when Fishing the Yucatan Coastline. First up, he and good friend and fellow guide Bob Thomas are fishing on the Ria at their hometown of Progresso. It's a backwater lagoon of crystal clear water that's only 3 feet deep and they're lure fishing for the Speckle Sea Trout that are found here in large numbers. Small rubber jigs and top water lures seem work best, the Sea Trout love attacking the surface lurers and provide some spectacular action when they do so. The second location is the Biosphere Reserve at Rio Logartos, on the Northern tip of Yucatan, where Randy teams up with Diego Nunez Sr. the Reserve is another area of rias and lagoons, but this time they're targeting Tarpon and Snook. They start in open the open water of the lagoon, where they can see the Tarpon and can cast at them. Then they head into the smaller, tighter channels amongst the mangroves where a large fish might be lurking under the vegetation. It's difficult to cast here, so randy has to improvise, but once a fish bites, you know about it. To watch Fishing the Yucatan Coastline now, just login or register
In Tarpon Madness in the Bocas, Randy heads along the Gulf Coast of Mexico to Dzilam de Bravo, where the National Parque, that is made up of mangrove lined lagoons, rias and channels is known as the "Bocas". It's a nature reserve that's full of exotic wildlife and spectacular scenery and is also known to hold a lot of large Snook and Tarpon. Randy's using his favourite soft rubber lures and there is no need to search too hard as the fish are jumping. There are plenty of near misses, one's that get away, as well as some exciting catches. To watch Tarpon Madness in the Bocas now, just login or register
Host Randy Bowser heads a couple hours down the coast in search of Calkini Tarpon. On the journey there, he points out some lesser known places of historic interest that can still de discovered in this part of Mexico, such as a rope factory dating from the 19th century, that even though it's in a rather sorry state of repair, still conveys a magical charm. The Clakini Bioshphere Reserve is an area of mangrove lined lagoons and channels that is a protected, unspoilt natural habitat. Randy's after the Tarpon that can be found here, and spots a shoal of 'Sabalitos" or baby Tarpon rolling. But these hard fighting fish are always elusive and it takes plenty of effort to boat one. To watch Calkini Tarpon now, just login or register
In Fly v Spin for Tarpon, host Randy Bowser, a spincast enthusiast who loves nothing better than chucking a soft rubber lure at those Snook and Tarpon, challenges his good friend and Fly Fishing expert, Alvaro Abreu to a two day Fly v Spin challenge. Day one sees them fishing off the same boat in the marina at Progresso, where there are plenty of Tarpon rolling. Randy is using a new small rubber DOA lure and Alvaro a bright green streamer, both get an early hook up, with plenty of aerial action, but the day is emphatically won by Randy nailing a mighty 60lb specimen. Day two sees them head to the ria or inshore lagoon behind Progresso, again there is plenty of action and the honours are shared with both of them catching a decent fish. To watch this video now, just login or register
In San Felipe Road Trip, host Randy Bowser heads back to the Rio Lagartos Nature Reserve at the northern tip of Yucatan, stopping off to have a look at a few cenotes along the way. These are subterranean water pools of crystal clear blue water, that become exposed when the roof of the cavern collapses, they provide magical spots for swimming and snorkelling out of the hot Mexican sun. San Felipe is a large fishing town, that is the gateway to Rio Logartos, providing access for anglers, bird watchers and inquisitive tourists. The nature reserve is home to thousands of species of birds as well as Snook, Tarpon and a host of other fish species. Randy's fishing in about 3-4 feet of water where the ocean comes right up against the mangroves. The shoreline is broken up by small channels and inlets and although the guide can manoeuvre the boat into these, Randy has to cast his small topwater lure in some fairly tight situations, so plenty of improvisation is required. To watch San Felipe Road Trip now, just login or register
The fishing in Yucatan, Mexico is great all year round, determined to prove it is host Randy Bowser, who'se out in the harbour of his home town of Progresso on Christmas Eve, looking for an Xmas Tarpon. These giant silver torpedoes love the water alongside the commercial fishing vessels moored up in the port, where they can feed on the waste scraps that get thrown overboard. Randy's using a glass minnow lure, with which he's had loads of success in the past. But as he says "When you're fishing for Tarpon, take nothing for granted." He also heads over to the Ria, or inshore lagoon behind the town, where the Speckled Sea Trout are a great winter fish. To watch Xmas Tarpon now, just login or register
Most people forget a name or mispronounce the odd word or two when they're under a little pressure, so imagine what its like having to get things right every time in front of a tv camera. Host Randy Bowser bravely shares some of the moments when it didn't quite go according to the script. "Picturesque" seems to be impossible to say. There's also some moments where the original expression of disappointment has to be beeped over. But this compilation of also gives him the chance to revisit some of the highlights of the series and some of the great Tarpon and Snook that were caught on camera. To watch Bloopers and Highlights now, just login or register


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