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Fishing the Yucatan Coastline

from Yucatan Anglers TV – Series 1

Host Randy Bowser takes you on a tour of a couple of the diverse locations available when Fishing the Yucatan Coastline. First up, he and good friend and fellow guide Bob Thomas are fishing on the Ria at their hometown of Progresso. It's a backwater lagoon of crystal clear water that's only 3 feet deep and they're lure fishing for the Speckle Sea Trout that are found here in large numbers. Small rubber jigs and top water lures seem work best, the Sea Trout love attacking the surface lurers and provide some spectacular action when they do so. The second location is the Biosphere Reserve at Rio Logartos, on the Northern tip of Yucatan, where Randy teams up with Diego Nunez Sr. the Reserve is another area of rias and lagoons, but this time they're targeting Tarpon and Snook. They start in open the open water of the lagoon, where they can see the Tarpon and can cast at them. Then they head into the smaller, tighter channels amongst the mangroves where a large fish might be lurking under the vegetation. It's difficult to cast here, so randy has to improvise, but once a fish bites, you know about it.

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