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Meet Randy Bowser- Host – Yucatan Anglers TV

New to Fishing TV comes our first ever Mexican show in the shape of Yucatan Anglers TV which focuses on the incredible fishing to be found on the Yucatan Penninsular in Mexico. We thought we’d talk to full time guide and host, Randy Bowser and find out a little more about the fishing there and what we can expect in this series.

Loving the show Randy…. How did the original idea come about to make Yucatan Angler?

We are very excited to bring our show, Yucatan Anglers TV to Fishing TV.  We host over 300 inshore fishing excursions a year with guests from all over the world. I’ve always have had a camera with me and filmed my guest’s big catches…and after years of watching fishing shows on TV, I thought, we can do that and show off the beauty of our inshore fisheries here in the Yucatan of Mexico.

Randy hooked up

Randy hooks up as the sun sets in the Yucatan

Tell us about the Yucatan Randy, we’ve all heard about Cancun but how popular is sport fishing in the Yucatan?

We are 4 hours from Cancun, in the Progreso Yucatan area..The whole of the Yucatan, from yes Cancun, all the way down to Campeche is a mecca for inshore fly fishing and light action spin cast. The inshore mangroves area are some of the most beautiful in the world with hundreds of bird species including Flamingos, and are just simply loaded with Snook, Tarpon, Snapper, Barracuda, Speckled Sea trout and so many more super fun species to fish for.

Randy into a tarpon

Even the small tarpon put on an electric fight

What species do you mostly target in the show and what’s your personal favourite?

We target all inshore species throughout our season of shows. My ultimate favorite species is of course the hard fighting Tarpon. We get to fish for tarpon year round here in Progreso and many of the other locations we visit throughout the season.

A stunning tarpon

Randy with a stunning tarpon

How is the marine environment doing there? Are there any specific threats to fish populations?

The environment here is awesome. As in other parts of the world, over fishing is the main threat for a lot of ocean species. The inshore species we target are not really under that much pressure from the local residents, some areas are more affected than others although I must say that garbage is always an issue wherever we travel and as you know its an issue all over the world. We are doing our part in assisting the local Government here in our area with major clean up efforts as you’ll see in Season 2, Episode 1 of Yucatan Anglers TV.

Randy into another strong fish

Randy into another powerful fish

What’s the most memorable day or fish caught in this Season?

My amazing and beautiful wife, Jennifer, has Muscular Dystrophy, she’s in a wheelchair and doesn’t have a lot of strength…BUT, she loves to fish. She is also our drone pilot for the show…The day that stands out the most was the day Jen hooked up, battled and landed 2 tarpon in two hours, one a 15 pounder and the second over 30 pounds..all from sitting in her chair on the boat and simply dangling the lure over the side of the boat..she has now fought 6 tarpon and boated 4…She will be featured in Episode 6 of our Season 2 shows. Seriously will give you man tears watching it….

Randy and wife jennifer

Randy with his wife, Jennifer

If any of our viewers want to experience fishing in the Yucatan for themselves, where do they start?

Viewers can always email us at YucatanSnook [at] with any questions they might have and we can point them in the right direction or assist them ourselves..The Yucatan of Mexico and our area here has been rated one of the top 10 safest destinations for people to retire to. In Merida, Progreso and the surrounding areas there are lots of expats that live here full time, I mean thousands of them/us.. it’s super safe and still very inexpensive to live and or just simply visit.

adios Randy

Cheers Randy!


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