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Help Us Make Fishing TV Better

You may have noticed that we have recently added a new Ratings and Reviews feature to the website which in time will be rolled out across our mobile and Smart TV apps. Once you’ve watched a series or video, you can now give it a star rating out of 5 and write a review. Not only will this help other viewers when deciding what to watch, but will give valuable feedback to Fishing TV and the Producers of the shows. In order to write a review you will need to be logged in and once approved your name will appear next to the review as per the below example. Please be constructive and limit your comments to the content and your enjoyment of the film, this is not the place for customer service issues. Please contact support[at] or use the Live Chat feature on the website for these kind of issues. We look forward to seeing your ratings and reviews and to bringing you more fantastic fishing action from around the world.

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