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What We Fish For

What We Fish is a documentary style film that explores the multitude of reasons that drive so many people to take to the water and go fishing. The film introduces us to four friends, an engineer, a journalist, a musician, and a professor, who share a passion for fishing. But each of them fish for different reasons. Joe, the musician, inspired by Ernest Hemingway, fishes to target some of the ocean's most thrilling game fish - blue marlin, tuna, dorado... Like Hemingway, he's seeking to test his mettle in the face of nature's power, whether that's the sea, or the fish. Sarah's a journalist who started fishing because she wants to know where her food was coming from. She's all about sustainability, and self-sufficiency. She's got a lot to learn, but she's keen to get stuck in. Ted's the engineer. He's a spear fisherman on a mission to help rid the Western Atlantic's coral reefs of invasive lionfish. He's making a one-man bid to try to slow the spread of this incredibly damaging species and save the reefs that have fascinated him since childhood. But for Andy, fishing is all about escapism - from the rituals and routines of daily life in the city. He's fished all his life, throwing flies for bonefish from a flats boat, not for food, but for the thrill of the hunt. As he starts to think like a hunter, his everyday cares are forgotten. With an evocative soundtrack accompanying stunning photography and underwater sequences, this film explores emotions that every angler has experienced.  


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