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Bluefin is a film dedicated to the plight of the Bluefin Tuna. Perhaps the most powerful and desirable fish on the planet, these titans have been hammered by the recreational and commercial fishing industries for decades. The story is told out of the fishing town of North Lake in Prince Edward Island, Canada, the Tuna capital of the world and feeding ground of record sized bluefin. It explores the conflict of interests and opinions on the state of the species. We hear from the weathered fisherman of the past who played a role in the decimation of stocks from North Lake to the markets of Japan, and the scientists fearing the species endangerment. We hear from the young breed trying to make a living in sport fishing in this seemingly thriving population of Canadian fish. Can these practices create an industry of wealth in place of unsustainable mass killings? Or is the unusual presence of these fish just another indication of their demise?

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Awesome flick

11th December 2022

This is a must see documentary. It’s really well done.


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