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A selection of some of the best US fishing films on Fishing TV
Where the Yellowstone Goes follows a 30-day drift boat journey down the longest un-dammed river in the contiguous United States. Intimate portraits of locals in both booming cities and dusty, dwindling towns along the Yellowstone River, illustrate the history and controversies surrounding this enigmatic watershed leading to questions about its future. Connect with colourful characters, get lost in the hypnotic cast of a fly rod, and experience silhouetted moments of fireside stories on this heartfelt river adventure.
Journey On
We’ve all dreamed of quitting our jobs, packing our fishing kit and heading out into the wilderness to do nothing but eat, sleep and fish. That’s exactly what talented filmmakers and lifelong fly fishers Chase and Aimee did. They swapped the comforts of home for a vintage 1985 VW Westfalia motorhome and headed west, towards the fly fishing Mecca of Montana. After dodging wild, 18-wheeler-flipping storms, and a spell among the geysers and grizzlies of Yellowstone, they eventually make it to a remote lake in Montana rumoured to hold rare Golden Trout. Despite a greuelling hike, the lake proved worth it, and not just for the trout.  
Musky Country is a visually stunning introduction into what it takes to go after the toughest fish in fresh water, the mighty musky, with a fly rod. Z2H will transport you into the heart of the beast and, along the journey, shows you an angling frontier right in the heartland, northern Wisconsin. This remarkable stage and these remarkable fish have a way of capturing anglers more so than the reverse...witness the authentic and true tale of Musky Country! Musky Country was named the 2011 fly fishing dvd of the year at the International Fly Tackle Dealers show in New Orleans and was also toured as part of the 2011 Fly Fishing Film Tour.  
The lakes and waterways of California have produced such a large proportion of the USA’s biggest largemouth bass that it can’t just be coincidence. "Bass: The Movie" pairs professional, conventional bass anglers with fly fishermen to see how their contrasting styles and techniques fair against one of the most popular quarry species in the US. With a cast of champion and record breaking anglers, the film is packed with information about the largemouth’s habits, habitat and history and should appeal to conventional and fly anglers alike.
In 2012, the Scorpion Reef expedition took the fly fishing world by storm. A group of close friends – anglers from a variety of backgrounds and locales, pooled their talents for an exploratory trip to a remote atoll in the Gulf of Mexico. Scorpion Reef would be a hard trip to beat. In planning the next great adventure, the crew wanted to take crew member Alejandro “Sandflea” Vega Cruz, a Mexican from Isla Holbox, out of his element and show him something life changing. The result was an expedition into the heart of the Alaskan bush. The crew revisited an unknown and largely untouched river system – explored by RA Beattie and Alaska guide Mark Rutherford almost a decade earlier. Their intention? To target sportfish primarily with topwater lures.  What started off as a plan to expose Sandflea to the Great White North and enjoy a bit of camaraderie on new waters morphed into an adventure of epic proportions.
Director Shane Anderson made a pilgrimage to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state to the rivers he once fished as a boy. His relationship with the wild steelhead and the rivers in which they met upon taught him just how precious life can be. What was once a childhood fishing trip has evolved into a journey to find answers why his favorite fish is disappearing from the rivers and appearing on the Endangered Species list. How could this wild and beautiful creature slip toward the abyss of extinction? WILD REVERENCE embarks on a quest to begin a movement to enact real change not only for the steelhead but for all ecosystems.  
The River
The AuSable River, Michigan is regarded by many as the one of the finest trout rivers in America. In this beautifully crafted film by Robert Thompson, we meet just a few of the anglers who have been captivated by its mystique, its legendary hatches and its fickle brown trout. We also meet some of the people who have devoted their lives to the preservation and conservation of the AuSable river as a truly wild fishery. Its history includes disputes over stocking and catch and release, the birth of Trout Unlimited and its battles with the large corporations over mineral rights and pollution. You can see why the river's devotees have been so passionate about taking care of such a special place, its hatches have become things of legend and folklore, the season opening "Hendrickson" mayfly quickly followed by the "Hex", attracting anglers from all over the world, hoping to hook a hungry, giant Brown Trout. To watch The River now, just login or join
When settlers first arrived at Lake Ontario, they found Atlantic Salmon there in quite prodigious numbers. However by the 1890's with gross overfishing and the industrialisation of the landscape man had completely wiped them out. This film charts a modern day conservation program that is trying to re-introduce a genetically related version of the species back into the lake and its river system. It is beautifully shot and combines historical archive with testimony from scientists, conservationists and anglers, all trying to re-establish The Forgotten Salmon. To watch this video now, just login or register
In Summer Haze, acclaimed film maker Robert Thompson celebrates the rebirth of warm water fly fishing in America's Upper Midwest. Long overshadowed by the cold water attractions of Trout and Salmon in the eyes of the ardent fly angler, warm water species such as Large and Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike and Musky are shown to provide just as much of a challenge and ultimately just as much fun as their illustrious cousins. The film intertwines the stories of various enthusiasts and guides based on or around the lakes and rivers of Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Missouri and shows just how diverse the fishing can be. From the urban lake front of downtown Chicago where Bob Rogers has been fishing for over 30 years but is still bemused by the capricious nature of Lake Michigan's Smallmouth Bass, to the unspoilt wilderness of the Manistee River where Dave Barkman runs a busy tackle shop and is out guiding over 100 days a year. He's adamant that in the warmer summer months you can't beat the excitement you get when a large Northern Pike crashes on to your fly. To watch Summer Haze now, just login or join
Part 2 of Summer Haze continues its celebration of the much overlooked delights of warm water fly fishing in the American Upper Midwest. We join Brad Bohen, who fishes and guides on the lakes and rivers of Sawyer County in North Wisconsin, he likes to fish for Musky and he's rather good at it, holding a number of line records, including one of 51 inches, but he's pretty good at catching Pike and Bass too. Ron "Tank" Urkuski and his buddy Matt Haley are out on a small river in north east Michigan, the water is so shallow and clear they can see the Pike sitting right under the boat, but it's actually a Smallmouth that succumbs to the irresistible allure of Ron's fly. They are convinced that their home state offers the best fishing to be found anywhere in the US. Mike Schultz, who runs his own outfitters, has also been been "won over" and you can see why, as we share the excitement that he and his fellow guide James Hughes enjoy during a couple of days on the river. All these guys are avid fly fishers and whilst they haven't turned their backs on Trout fishing, have had their eyes opened to the fact that in warmer conditions and warmer water, casting your fly to the more predatory species is a whole lot of fun. To watch Summer Haze Part 2 now, just login or join
Spey Daze - Steelhead were introduced to the Great Lakes in 1872 and it didn't take long before they were thriving. However the subsequent damming of their three main spawning rivers put a big question mark over their long term viability. A stocking programme was introduced, that now adds millions of Steelhead to the water system every year and although there are pockets of the original (much prized) wild fish to be found, it is the stockies that provide today's angler with a reasonable chance of catching a fish. The film follows a number of devoted Steelhead anglers, fishing on the rivers and tributaries of the Great Lakes along which the Steelhead migrate more than once a year. The steep river canyons along the south side of Lake Eerie have become known as "Steelhead Alley" and provide a spectacular day's fishing. The Steelhead along the north shore of Lake Superior are much harder to find, it can take days of frustrating trial and error before a group of them can be located. The Pere Marquette River that runs into Lake Michigan is one of the few that can boast more wild Steelhead than stockies, so holds a special place in the heart of those that get to fish it. Spey Daze is split into two parts, this is Part 1 of 2. To watch Spey Daze Steelhead now, just login or join
In Spey Daze, award winning film maker Robert Thompson takes on the story of Steelhead in America's Great Lakes. He joins the fishing enthusiasts who revel in catching them and talks to some of the scientists and conservationists who are constantly working at maintaining their existence. Steelhead are a migratory form of Rainbow Trout that were introduced to the Great Lakes at the end of the 19th Century, around the time that the Atlantic Salmon, indigenous to Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence River were being catastrophically over fished. Their numbers are maintained by constant restocking, but there is an established population of 'wild' fish, particularly in Michigan and Ontario, that are regarded as the ultimate prize. The migratory nature of the fish, means they travel along the rivers and tributaries flowing into the lakes, to reach their spawning grounds, and so it's these journeys that present the angler with their opportunity. 'Stripping' the fly with a traditional trout fly rod works, but 'swinging' the fly with a two handed Spey rod seems to be the ultimate way to go, after all these are large fish that can grow to over a metre. To watch Spey Daze now, just login or join
Is this the best dry fly fishing in the world? This film showcases the incredible fly fishing on the Missouri River, Montana, where the hatches are so intense that the trout barely have to move to feed, relentlessly sipping flies from the surface. Anglers come from all over the world to fish the Missouri and experience its hatches but that doesn't mean that its easy!
Running the Coast
The Striped Bass is almost certainly the most revered and sought after saltwater species in North America, and this epic, near 3hr film delves deep into the subject of angling for these hard fighting fish. Following a group of 'striper' lifers, the film starts in the spawning grounds of Chesapeake Bay where expert anglers, the Tylers are looking for their first fish of the season. As sunset arrives, they finally find the fish they have been looking for and a big striper is boated to kick off the film in style. Further up the coast we meet Jo Shastray, a New York city firefighter and fishing boat captain who is equally obsessed by these fish. He explains how the currents and tides of New York harbour provide excellent opportunity to target stripers, and what an amazing backdrop we see as Jo does just that in front of the Manhattan skyline at night. As the water warms and fish migrate, they can be sighted up and down the coast and targeted out in open water and the Tylers show just how to find and catch these fish. We meet legends like Lefty Kreh and Bob Popovics who are both addicted to catching stripers and have played a hefty role in the development of fly angling for them. Greg Myserson also shows us how its done, fishing a worm hatch in Rhode Island, and he should know whathe's doing as in 2011 he became the IGFA World Record Holder for Striped Bass with a huge 81lb fish. We follow the migration up the coast culminating at Montauk where hoardes of anglers arrive each year to find stripers in what could truly be called the surf fishing capital of the world. We also join Pink Floyd's Roger Waters in Montauk as he fly fishes 'the blitz' where thousands of stripers hit bait on the surface and the action is relentless. This is a must watch film for saltwater anglers providing an incredible insight into the Striped Bass fishing scene, along with plenty of information about how to successfully target these amazing fish.    


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