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Wyangala Dam Yellowbellies

Wyangala Dam Yellowbellies - Paul heads inland to the Wyangala Dam reservoir, where he is joined on his boat by Tackleworld's Josh Lambert and local guru Ken Smith. The reservoir is renowned for its Yellowbellies otherwise known as Golden Perch, they are a predatory fish so its a choice between a fresh bait or a lure. Ken laid a few pots overnight to catch some freshwater shrimp, which act as the former, but Josh has decided to go with a drop down, slow roll, soft plastic lure. Most fish love a bit of structure and Wyangala has plenty of sunken trees, the obvious place to start, the shrimp and the plastic prove equally successful. To add a bit of variety to the day, Ken suggests they leave the boat and walk along the shore, sight fishing for the Carp that grow to over 20lbs in here, they can easily be spotted by the clouds of mud they push up. Paul catches a lovely common on the worm and Josh a mirror on the lure.

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