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Fly fishing with Streamers is certainly one of the best ways to hunt for trophy trout in rivers and lakes. Imitating bait fish, leeches, crayfish and large stoneflies, streamers are an excellent searching pattern and will often attract the bigger and more agressive fish.  Tom talks us through the various patterns such as the infamous Wooly Bugger, Sculpins and Crayfish. If the river is coloured and fish aren't actively feeding on the surface, Streamers can be a great option because trout can use the extra water colour to ambush their prey and a brightly coloured streamer cast into the right areas will be easy to find. Tom shows us the various retrieves you can use and ways to fish the streamer both upstream and downstream such as swinging or dead drifting. Its important to cover lots of water when fishing streamers as not every fish in the river will go for them and this is exactly why they are particularly effective when fishing from drift boats as Tom demonstrates on the Yellowstone River to good effect. Finally, Pete Kutzer shows us how to perform a Double Haul Cast which can also be helpful when fly fishing with big flies like streamers. To watch, login or register    

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Great Overview

Rated 5 out of 5
9th July 2022

What a great overview of one of my favorite methods of fly fishing.


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