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Prospecting for Trout

Approaching a new river can be daunting at times, so Tom reveals his strategy for this challenge and how to start prospecting for Trout in rivers. Prior preparation is crucial and this can be done through web searches for catch reports and flow data, as well as calling in to a local fly shop for advice and some local patterns of course. Google Earth can also be useful for bigger rivers revealing, riffles, bends, bridges and access areas. On arrival at a river, Tom likes to find a vantage point where he can see large areas of the river and identify sections to try. He'll often start at the head of a pool which is always a good area, avoiding shallow runs or overly slow water. Finding water that runs around 1ft per second is often ideal and this can be identified by throwing something in and watching. Tom reveals the 10 flies he would take anywhere in the world with him to prospect for Trout which include Black Woolly Bugger, Parachute Adams, Copper John, Kaufmann Stimulator, Pheasant Tail, Zebra Midge, Sulpur Sparkle Dun, Elk Hair Caddis and Black Foam Beetle. Pete Kutcher demonstrates how to make stealthy casts when approaching fish for the first time. Tom puts all this information into practice as he approaches a new streams and walks us through his tactics.

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