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Marina Gibson

Professional guide, casting instructor and Atlantic Salmon Trust ambassador, Marina Gibson and her mother join Eggert and his team in this episode and start by fishing for Sea Run Arctic Char. Marina makes a great start to the trip landing a nice Char before they enjoy a hearty evening meal coupled with some excellent vocal entertainment from Icelandic singer, Kristina Skoubo Bærendsen. The following day and they move to the renowned River Midfjardara where they'll be fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon. After climbing down into a gorge on the East River, they start in the Dark Pool and Joanna Gibson is quickly into a fish they spotted, but after a strong fight, the fish slips the hook. Next up is Marina, who is fishing in the Black Hammer Pool, one of the best pools on this prolific river but as river owner, Rafn Valur Alfreosson (Rabbi), explains, anglers need to be wary here as a large submerged rock provides a great place for salmon to throw the hook. Marina hooks into a nice fish and is so pleased to be off the mark on this trip that a quick salmon dance is performed. She then hooks a much bigger fish but this one seems to know instinctively where the submerged rock is and regains its freedom. They move to the West River and find that conditions are tough with very low water. As Marina moves down Pool 407, which is stuffed with fish, she recounts the adversity she's faced in fishing and how the attitudes of some male anglers still need to evolve. As she hooks into a nice fish, other salmon jump around the pool, and Marina is relieved to land this fish in such tricky conditions. As the trip is concluding, Rabbi thinks there may be one last chance to catch a big salmon so they head to the Lower West River to the Tunhylur Pool. There are hundreds of fish here which seem reluctant to take in these conditions, but finally Marina hooks one and it is certainly the monster they've been looking can she land it to cap the trip off in style? To watch just login or join

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