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Ice Fishing and Set Up Your Electronics

This episode of the Fisherman's Handbook is split into two sections. In the first part Wade Middleton heads to Minnesota to join Steve Pennaz for a session ice fishing on one of its many frozen lakes. What's got him most excited is that it gives him the chance to play with his Garmin PanOptix. Once they've drilled a hole in the ice he's able to drop his sensor and see on his screen, all the fish activity going on below him. Steve's hoping they will find some decent Pike and Bass, but the first bite Wade gets is a lovely little Sunfish. The PanOptix also allows you to scan the surrounding water for fish and Steve has great fun when he finds school of Crappies. In the second part we take a close look at boat electronics and see how a Garmin PanOptix can be set up, optimising the LiveVu Forward functionality.

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