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Fishing Small Streams

In this episode, Tom is exploring his love of fy fishing on small streams. Often overlooked by most anglers, they can provide excellent sport and sometimes some real surprises with the odd big fish around. Tom explains how he enjoys finding these small streams on a map or 'bluelining' as it is known, and the kind of signs you should look at when searching. Usually small streams have fast water which means issues like drag arise so short casts are the order of the day. Tom is fly fishing on a Spring Creek at Three Rivers Ranch in Idaho and explains how these environments have an abundance of food so the Trout here can be selective which means smaller nymphs and finer leaders. Tom then talks through the kind of tackle required to fish small streams as well as leaders and flies to try. Orvis Pro, Pete Kutcher demonstrates the Roll Cast which is a much utilised cast in small streams especially when trees inhibit back casting. Tom discusses flies and often Trout that live there live on a high diet of terrestrial flies so big bushy dry flies are usually very effective. He also demonstrates the New Zealand style rig which is an excellent searching technique in small streams. Tom ends this informative episode by showing various tactics to try in different scenarios when trying to find success on streams.

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