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Fins & Skins Celebrity Highlights

In this episode of Fins and Skins, we get a real taste for show with some of the highlights of the series. We find out how the series came about by matching great fishing locations from around the States and beyond and matching them with some of the best golf courses in the vacinity. You'll see some of the best fish caught by Henry's celebrity guests including a nice Bonefish from figure skating champion Jennifer Robinson, a massive Snook from Todd Eldredge and magician Shawn Faruqar with a lovely Dorado. Henry has over 25 years experience in preseenting fishing tv shows and a wealth of knowledge that he imparts in every episode with his tip of the day and today's tip is about transporting rods. We'll then take a look at some of the best gold shots and putts that Henry and his celebrity guests have made over the series. To watch this FREE episode just login or join

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