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Simon has decided to try something new, and has put the Carp rods away this time. Its December and having only caught one Pike before, really fancies having a proper go at it so joins Savage Gear Pro, Robbie Northman on Billingford Lakes in Norfolk for a 24hr tutorial. After picking up the casting pretty quickly, Simon's enjoying this active style of fishing lures, which is in complete contrast to his usual Carp fishing. Robbie teaches Simon how to break down a swim into sections so its easy to cover the water effectively. Robbie then shows how its done as he stealthily creeps down the bank and casts gently into a likely looking spot, and nicks out a 10lb plus fish. Simon has the Carp rods out overnight but to no avail and in the morning, gets in the van and heads to their next location in Cambridgeshire this time, meeting Robbie in Benwick. They start with some dropshotting under a lovely old bridge on the river Nene. Moving downstream they get the lures out and Simon has a follow from a nice Pike, but it refuses his lure. The rain comes at lunchtime which colours the water a little and Robbie thinks this will help their chances. He's proved right as he hooks and lands another nice sized Pike in the afternoon. Its not to be for Simon today but he's learnt a lot and is full of confidence as his visits Heybridge Basin on his own a few weeks later, but will this solo Pike mission prove successful?

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