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Aqua Marine

from Simon McCabe’s Banklife Adventures

Simon takes an early Autumn trip to St Andrews Lake at Halling in the Kent North Downs. Its a stunning lake with crystal clear water and at 75 acres and up 90m deep is probably more akin to venues on the continent. After selecting a swim on a promontory which goves him a good ambush point he gets his 3 rods out in areas that he's been seeing fish, in the open water and on the far bank. With nothing ding early on, Simon decides to have a look a few swims down and finds some fish patrolling in some clear shallow water. Using a popped up sweetcorn on a 360 rig, he manages to catch a small but perfectly formed Common in short time. Returning to his manin swim for the night we pick up with Simon in the morning to see his overnight capture, a lovely little fully scaled Mirror. After meeting Andrew, the head bailiff, Simon decides to alter his tactics a bit as he's worried about his presentation on the steep dropoffs this lake has. The changes pay off as Simon lands, in his words' the most beautiful carp I've ever caught', a stunning Mirror Carp with deep dark scales. A couple more fish follow but its that Mirror Carp that will live long in Simon's thoughts.


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Good fun

Rated 5 out of 5
10th April 2021

Nice to see videos that aren’t all about some new super rig or other tackle


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