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CHALK – Bedrock of Fly Fishing

The Test, The Itchen, Broadlands, Mottisfont, Halford, Skues and Sawyer are all names associated with the chalkstreams of England and amongst the most noteworthy in the world of fly fishing. CHALK is a feature length film about the past present and future of the chalkstreams of England and how their very existence shaped the sport of fly fishing. We meet the people who continue to fish and care for these storied rivers, while learning about the techniques that Halford, Skues and Sawyer invented. In addition to visiting the famous rivers and beats, we also travel to some lesser-known rivers. CHALK is a thoughtful examination of why the chalkstreams of England are probably the most important rivers in the history and development of fly fishing. From the geology that created the rivers and their abundant plant and animal life - including the legendary mayfly hatch - to the characters past, present and future who make these rivers unique, this is the definitive chalkstream fly fishing film. The film celebrates the rivers while also drawing attention to the threats and challenges facing these fragile environments. CHALK was narrated by actor and keen fly angler, James Murray and features some of the most recognisable names and faces in the UK fly fishing world, including Marina Gibson, Alex Jardine, Steve Cullen, Glen Pointon and Charles Rangeley Wilson, as well as anglers from all over the world. The expert voices and thoughtful voiceover complement the stunning cinematography, combining to tell the story of these precious waterways that have shaped a sport. CHALK was created by Fishing TV, independent filmmakers aka Chalkstream Fly, and fly fishing writer Simon Cooper. Members of the international fly fishing community helped to fund the production, setting CHALK apart from other films about the sport. A must-watch for all fly fishers the world over.

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The Test, The Itchen, Broadlands, Mottisfont, Halford, Skues and Sawyer are all names associated with the chalkstreams of England and amongst the most noteworthy in the world of fly fishing. CHALK is...
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5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 15 reviews)
Very good0%

Lovely film

3rd January 2024

i just wish they would make these rivers accessible for the working man

S Hibbs

A wonderful film

24th October 2022

This is a beautiful movie. Educational and fun.


Streams of dreams

26th September 2022

From the time I was a little boy wandering the backwoods of the American west with my grandfather, watching him cast bamboo rods to wild trout, hearing his tales of the English countryside and sight fishing with “Ghillies” when he was a young man. I’ve dreamt of this film and these images. Thank you to the filmmakers for realizing this dream on film and introducing us to the guardians of the water for generations to come. Bravo!

Gabe Johns

This should be a mandatory film for all the Water Companies out there

1st September 2022

This film is like the book you never put down, it immersed me from minute one and captures the soul of chalk stream management, truly inspiring and thought provoking, please make a part 2

Rick Barwick


24th February 2022

Beautiful cinematography and music. Not your typical flyfishing movie. I’m ready to book a trip to England.

Michael Copp


22nd January 2022

An absolute gem of a flyfishing film. It holds the history, the present and the future of flyfishing and just makes me want to go fishing and put my dry fly on the water. Its really exciting, informative and filled with hope for the future of these beautiful streams. What a great sport this is and what a beautiful documentary of it this is.

Harald Andersen


24th June 2021

What a fantastic film! Well worth a watch

Michael Tibbitts


28th May 2021

This is the best fly fishing movie ever! I am so glad that I have watched it!


Amazing film

14th March 2021

I’ve been lucky to fish The Test and The River Itchen

and this film shows the true beauty of fishing a chalk stream..

A must for every angler

Tim Rollinson

So beautiful and charming

12th February 2021

I am a French angler, fond of fly fishing and Chalk is one of the best movies about fly fishing I’ve ever seen. Everything is interesting, the colours are bright and amazingly full of nature, with a dash of English humor at the end ! This film gives me a very strong desire to go and visit the country and fly fish on those beautiful chalkstreams.

Emmanuel Semblat

Great Fun

2nd October 2020

That warm feeling that when you look out on a winters day you know you’ll be back and will have forgotten the cold easterly, the blanks. the many caught trees and bank vegetation, the thrown flies, the hours trying to tie on a tiny F-fly ….. and the cost! But who cares the excitement will be back, I will have bought and tied flies and there will be that new rod ….. I really will be better equipped with a 10′ #4!

Carl L Statham

Great film

27th September 2020

Loads of history, really instructive and great footage, well done!


Excellent Production

30th August 2020

This a superb film that has the right balance between the history/art of fly fishing, great video footage and good speakers; who speak passionately. Great promotion for fly fishing and as mentioned above Inspiring.

Nathan Conlon

charming and informative

19th June 2020

they did a nice job making this film, inspiring

richard paton

The Best

9th April 2020

This is the best film I have ever watched about fly fishing and I hope who ever produced this make more!


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