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Boiled Crayfish

Today Mika is without his rods and instead planning to get a head start on the Crayfish season. He starts showing us how he prepares his traps with some Bream as bait, before heading out on the lake on his boat. After finding a good rocky spot in around 5 metres of water, he places the creels out in the water. Typically Crayfish are found in numbers in shallower water but by going deeper, he thinks he's more likely to catch the bigger ones. He returns 24hrs later and collects 10 nice looking Crayfish from his traps which he then transfers to a larger pot that he's filling with crayfish for a few days. Mika then shows us how he likes to cook these Crayfish. He firstly boils a large pan of salted water into which he adds Crown Dill and a can of dark beer before adding 5 or 6 Crayfish which he cooks for 5 minutes or until they float to the surface. Once he's removed the Crayfish, Mika adds more Crown Dill to the boiling water before letting thr pot cool down. He then adds the Crayfish back into the water and puts the whole pot in the fridge overnight to further impart flavour into the Crayfish. Finally Mika, sits down at the table and shows us exactly how he eats the Cayfish, getting every last delicious piece of meat out.

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