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Bass on the Fly

Widespread in nearly every state, Bass are indisputably the number one sport fish in America, and can be readily caught on the fly. First we meet Dr David Phillip, a bass expert who explains the main differences between Smallmout and Largemouth Bass, and the habitats they inhabit at various times of year. Tom then shows us some of the streamers and poppers that can be used to target these fish before discussing the best all round bass outfit. Finding the right kind of structure and water features in rivers and lakes is crucial to locate bass, which like to use cover to ambush their prey so Tom shows us a wide selection of likely bass haunts. Bass love Crayfish and Tom shows how to fish Crayfish lures effectively and some of the killer patterns you'll need. Bass flies can be quite big and difficuly to cast in windy conditions, so casting instructor Pete Kutzer demonstrates how deal effectively with wind. Finally, Tom demonstrates several retrieves that you'll need to accurately imitate the various prey items that bass feed on. Catching bass on the fly is great fun and this video sets you on the right path to get started. To watch, just login or register

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