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Hoss Off The Grid – Series 1

Join Jon Haas aka "Hoss" as he goes Off the Grid, fishing in some of the worlds best, but remotest locations. His ethos is to try and support fisheries that operate in a sustainable manner, taking care of, or trying to reinvigorate their fish stocks. For example in Guatemala he visits the Rewa Eco lodge that allows their guest anglers to fish for Arapaima on the fly, on a catch and release basis, as this helps them tag and then monitor the seasonal movements of the fish, a project that has seen a massive increase in Arapaima numbers. Similarly in his native Oregon he is fly fishing for Winter Steelhead, attempting to catch a migratory brood hen that can be used by the hatchery project to produce thousands of new stock fish that are then safely released into the river system. Jon doesn't just fish in a location, he takes an interest in its culture and people, so giving the whole experience a meaningful context.

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Jon travels down to Cabo San Lucas on the southern tip of Baja California, Mexico. In the 1950's it became the sport fishing mecca for Hollywood super stars such as John Wayne and Bing Crosby and it still attracts its fair share of celebrity A-listers. But its unique diverse marine ecosystem and a huge variety of species, makes it a must visit destination for any serious sports fishing enthusiast and the venue for some of the richest tournaments. Jon's spending a couple of days on board with skipper Grant Hartman, of Baja Anglers and he's set himself the target of catching a Roosterfish on the fly. To help him, Grant suggests they use the "Bait and Switch" technique whereby a member of the crew casts a hookless live bait to attract the fish, Jon casts his fly close to this, then the live bait is quickly reeled in on the first sign of a fish leaving it with only the fly to take. Other species seem to fall for this and Jon is quickly in to a few Sierra Mackerel as well as a decent Jack Crevalle before achieving his goal. To watch Cabo San Lucas now, just login or register
In this episode Jon heads to the Sailfish Oasis Resort on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala, which because of its excellent, long standing catch and release policy and the absence of any large commercial fishing is renowned for its billfish and tuna. He's on board the Allure II for a couple of days with the aim of catching a Sailfish on the fly. The only way to do this is by using the bait and switch technique, where the crew attract a fish to within casting range, using hookless baits or plugs, then Jon casts his fly at the fish as the teaser is quickly pulled out of the way. Sailfish are one of the fastest fish in the water and use their speed to generate some impressive airtime when they jump, so reeling them in to the boat is always exciting and hard work. Jon also samples some typical Guatemalan cuisine and nightlife, in the nearby city of Antigua, as well as visiting an ecologically conscious coffee plantation. To watch Guatemala Billfish now, just login or register
In "Kenai Rainbows" Jon Haas travels north to the lower Kenai River in Alaska. He's out with guide Matty Lewallen from Drifters Lodge at Cooper Landing and they're looking for large Rainbow Trout or Steelheads which are the sea-run variety. After catching his first one on a spinner, Jon switches to a pink bead, imitating the Salmon eggs that the trout are feeding on, with a float strike indicator. This seems to work rather well. In addition to the 'Bows he also nets a couple of "Dolly Varden" or Arctic Char, very similar looking to the trout. Its easy to see why the Kenai is the most popular sport fishing destination in Alaska, its vivid blue melt water runs through beautifully rugged scenery and as well as these Trout there are two runs a year of King Salmon and Shinooks and in deed the world record King Salmon at 44kgs or 97lbs was caught here. To watch Kenai Rainbows now, just login or register
In "Kustatan River Silver Salmon" Jon Haas continues his trip to the Kenai region of Alaska with a day out, across Cook Inlet to the remote Kustatan River. Its mid August and the Silver or Coho Salmon arrived in the river 2-3 weeks earlier, they haven't begun spawning yet, but are making their way up the river and starting to take their holding patterns in the upper stretches. So an ideal time to be fishing for them. Jon's guide for the day is Ben Mastry from South Fork Outdoor Adventures, who recommends that, because the water is a bit murky due to the run off of glacial silt, it's best to use a bright pink and purple Dalai Lama fly with strips of glitter. His advise certainly works and Jon gets in to a bunch of fish. The Coho can grow as big as 36lbs or 16kg, but the average is around 10lbs or 4.5kgs, which are similar to the size of fish Jon is catching here. To watch Kustatan River Silver Salmon now, just login or register
In "Oregon Winter Steelheads' host Jon Haas joins John Krauthoefer from the Firefighters Guide Service on the Nestucca River in Oregon. They're fishing for winter Steelheads, a sea bound migrating variety of the Rainbow Trout family that normally have two runs a year on the Nestucca. On this stretch of river there is a very successful broodstock program which has helped reverse the decline in fish numbers to a point where they are now back to levels last seen in the 1960's. So Jon is hoping to catch a wild native hen, ready to spawn, that he can hand over to the project. Her eggs will then be used to create thousands of alevins or young fish that in turn will be used to stock the river. There's also some bonus footage of a spring fishing trip that Jon enjoyed on the neighbouring Trask River, where he was attempting a "mission impossible" of catching a spring Chinook on the fly. To watch Oregon Winter Steelheads now, just login or register
Kenai River Canyon Dollys is the third episode from host Jon Haas' trip to the Kenai Peninsular in Alaska. Here, he's on a day out with guide Alex Carey from Drifters Lodge and they're travelling down the middle part of the river, through The Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, a 1.92-million-acre wildlife habitat preserve. It an amazing ride, involving some white water, beautiful rugged unspoilt scenery and some untouched fishing pools. They're after Dolly Vardons or Char and Rainbow Trout, that at this time of year are feeding on the Salmon spawn or eggs at the bottom of the river, so they're using a frosted bead to imitate this, floating it under an indicator. Jon has a great day, hooking plenty of fish, with even a nice Sockeye Salmon to round it off. To watch Kenai River Canyon Dollys now, just login or register
Guyanan Arapaima on the Fly - The Arapaima is one of the world's largest freshwater species, growing up to 3 metres in length. It is native to the Amazon and Essequibo basins of South America, where it has been an important source of food. Its numbers have declined alarmingly due to overfishing and habitat loss. The Rewa Eco Lodge on the Rupununi River in Guyana was established to survey the species’ migration and breeding behaviours, which were previously a mystery. As part of this program they offer visiting anglers the opportunity to catch 400lbs of living dinosaur, on a catch and release basis and only on the fly. How could Jon Haas turn down such an opportunity? As well as getting his chance to hook one of these monsters, there's plenty of other rare species to cast a lure at, including fearsome looking Piranhas. He also chats with Dr Leslie de Souza, who is in charge of the conservation program, about the success she is having with tagging the Arapaima and seeing their numbers increase. To watch Guyanan Arapaima on the Fly now, just login or register


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