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Guyanan Arapaima on the Fly

Guyanan Arapaima on the Fly - The Arapaima is one of the world's largest freshwater species, growing up to 3 metres in length. It is native to the Amazon and Essequibo basins of South America, where it has been an important source of food. Its numbers have declined alarmingly due to overfishing and habitat loss. The Rewa Eco Lodge on the Rupununi River in Guyana was established to survey the species’ migration and breeding behaviours, which were previously a mystery. As part of this program they offer visiting anglers the opportunity to catch 400lbs of living dinosaur, on a catch and release basis and only on the fly. How could Jon Haas turn down such an opportunity? As well as getting his chance to hook one of these monsters, there's plenty of other rare species to cast a lure at, including fearsome looking Piranhas. He also chats with Dr Leslie de Souza, who is in charge of the conservation program, about the success she is having with tagging the Arapaima and seeing their numbers increase.

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