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Fishing with Ladin Series 2

Hosts, Ladin Langeman and Steve Ronholt return for another action packed series of Fishing with Ladin. Showing off their fly fishing skills, they fish numerous locations in Idaho, Montana, Washington and British Columbia. Equally at home fishing rivers or lakes, they make some stunning captures, catching some real trophy sized trout wherever they go.  Their obvious passion for fly fishing and for the fish they pursue is infectious and there's plenty to admire and learn from whilst watching them in out these wild locations.

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Its mid winter, with snow on the ground, and Ladin and Steve are fly fishing on the beautiful Big Lost River in Idaho. Against the backdrop of snow capped hills, Steve is first to strike landing a lovely plump Rainbow Trout on a Baetis Nymph pattern. Ladin is next to hook up and enjoys a tough battle with another strong rainbow which takes some long runs in the heavy flow. They are fishing a section of the river a couple of miles below the Mackay Reservoir and they seem to have found an area well populated with chunky rainbows that are actively feeding. Their friend, Larry Hardie is next to get into the action taking another nice fish on a small Copper John nymph fished under an indicator. With a trickle hatch of Blue Winged Olives, the guys are enjoying some terrific fishing here, running their nymphs through the riffles and finding no shortage of willing fish. As the session come to a close, Larry moves upstream a little and has time to land another stunning winter rainbow trout of 17 inches, which Steve kindly nets for him, to top an incredible day's fishing on the Big Lost River. To watch just login or join    
Its a beautiful September day and Ladin and Steve are fishing on a crystal clear, small Montana Creek for Cutthroat Trout. They're looking for rising fish and fishing dries and Steve finds his first fish with a size 18 Trico Dry Fly. Ladin then spots a rise from the corner of his eye and covers the fish which sups down his dry fly immediately and he lands another nice Cuttie. Ladin finds a nice run and targets the tail of it underneath a steep cliff and finds a nice Cutthroat on a Pheasant Tail Nymph. After a couple of long distance releases, Steve finds a pool with a few fish rising but can't quite identify the hatch which could be Caddis, Blue Winged Olive or possibly something smaller. He finally hooks up using a Purple Haze Mayfly but is left disappointed as the large Cutthroat slips the hook. Ladin sees fish below him so tries a downstream slack line cast, just feeding the line out towards the fish and is rewarded with another nice fish which they think is a Cuttbow. With plenty of fish rising, they can afford to be selective and try and pick out the bigger ones, having cracked the code today. To watch just login or join
The Fording River is a tributary of the Elk River in British Columbia and the glorious setting for Ladin and Steve's fly fishing trip in this episode. Its October and there's a chill in the air but the river is clear and conditions look really good. Steve loses his first fish but then gets a take on a Stonefly Nymph and lands a stunning 18 inch Cutthroat. Moving to anther run, he dead drifts a streamer under an indicator and hooks another big Cutt which unfortunately gets away just as he was trying to net it. Moving downstream, Ladin finds some lovely water with a good flow on it and lands a nice fish on a black and red streamer. He then sees some  fish rising fish on the far bank so calls Steve in who has a dry fly ready to go. Steve lands another as Ladin also switches tactics, putting on a Purple Haze Mayfly to land the best fish of the day, a stunning male Cutthroat with incredible markings. As the sun drops, they move to the junction pool with the Elk and Steve caps a brilliant day with another Cutthroat, this time on a streamer. To watch just login or join
Ladin is fishing with Larry Hardie today on a fast flowing creek in Idaho which is running through a steep gorge. Fishing any likely pots and holding spots with a nymph and indicator, Ladin starts with a nice Cutthroat. The fish aren't big here but put up a great fight in the fast flow and seem willing to take anything that comes their way. Moving downstream a little, they find two deep holes next to each other so take one each and both catch Cutthroats in the fast water. They're mostly quite small as youd expect but there are one or two bigger ones and Ladin spots one on the far bank so decides to get wet and wades across to the middle of the stream. His reward is a 12 incher, its no monster but certainly a good fish here. As they move downstream further, it seesm that all the best holes involve a hazardous wade but Ladin is prepared for the odd soaking if it means better fish will be found. As evening rolls in, they move to the lower river which is a little wider but still with a good flow and some inviting runs. Larry loses a 16 incher at the net before Ladin lands a big male fish around the same size. To cap that he then catches two  stunning 18 inchers bringing a brilliant day's fishing in Idaho to a successful end. To watch just login or join
Its mid March and Ladin, Steve and friend Larry Hardie are fly fishing on the Big Wood River in Sun Valley in Idaho. There's plenty of snow around but its a bright sunny day and they are hopeful of finding some Rainbow Trout and possibly some Browns too. They start by working a seam that runs along the far bank and Steve is the first to hook up catching a dark coloured Rainbow Trout around 10 inches on a Stonefly Nymph. Larry is using a double nymph set up, with a beaded Flashback Pheasant Tail above a Red Midge and its the Midge nymph that attracts his first fish. Steve decides to try a Streamer and ties on a small Olive Bugger. Its a good decision as he is rewarded with nice Brown Trout that puts up a strong fight in the cold water. After catching a few more, they move downstream below a road bridge, they find some slacker water and plenty of willing rainbows ready to take their flies. Not far away is the Big Lost River and which you can see the team fish in another epsiode. To watch just login or join
Ladin and Steve are on the St Mary River in British Columbia and fly fishing for Cutthroat Trout. Steve starts by casting a size 12 Yellow Stimulator into a run under some overhanging trees and gets a hit straight away which he misses but then hooks up the same fish on the next cast. The water is crystal clear and the fish are hitting the flies quickly so quick reactions are needed. Ladin lands a nice one before they move upstream to another hole where Steve misses a couple before switching to a Prince Nymph and landing a small Cuttie. They return to the original run and decide to run Ant patterns through this time with immediate success as Ladin scores with another Cuttie. In the second part of the show, they fish on Findlay Creek in Canal Flats, British Columbia. This creek is completely different with steep cliffs on both sides and a strong flow. Heavy nymphs are the order of the day and Steve strikes first with a nice Cutthroat on a Prince Nymph. Ladin follows suit using the same tactics to land another Cutthroat.  In the final part of the show, Ladin is on a small tributary of the Elk River, and drifting a Pheasant Tail Nymph down a fast run. He's not using an indicator, just looking for any movement in the line and expertly hooks a nice Cutthroat which fights hard in the flow. As evening approaches, Ladin is running his size 18 Pheasant Tail nymph down a lovely pool and hooks a huge Cutthroat which the pair estimate at 18 inches. To watch just login or join
Today, Ladin and Steve take to the boats, fly fishing the Grayling Arm of Hegben Lake in Montana. Hegben Lake is actually a large impoundment of the Madison River and is renowned for its trophy Rainbow and Brown Trout, plus its spectacular mountain backdrop. Steve starts with a Green Mayfly Nymph and a small Chironomid pattern, fished under a strike indicator and quickly catches a plump little Brown Trout where he saw some fish rising. Conditions are perfect today, with a light ripple and some decent cloud cover, and Ladin soon gets into the action too, again fishing a Red Chironomid under an indicator. These Rainbows fight hard in the cool water, making some big jumps and searing runs which Ladin finds out to his cost as a bow takes him around his anchor. Steve decides to switch tactics and uses a sinking line and just tweaks the nymphs back, but as the day comes to a close the nymphs stop working so well so Ladin switches to an Olive streamer and hooks another hard fighting Rainbow. Ladin and Steve have enjoyed an epic session on Hegben Lake, with numerous hard fighting trout and are certain to be back here again. To watch just login or join  
Its early March and Ladin in Steve are fly fishing on one of the many lakes on the Justesen Ranch in Oregon, in the shadow of the magnificent, Mount Hood. They take to single man boats with electric outboards and start by drifting along the drop offs on the shore line. Steve is the first into a fish and using a 9ft 5 weight, this hefty Rainbow Trout puts up quite a fight. Not to be outdone, Ladin is soon into the action as well, landing a nice but slightly smaller fish. Steve is doing the damage with a Pumpkinhead Leech, whilst Ladin sticks with his tried and trusted Woolly Bugger and it isn't long before he hooks into something much bigger which makes some powerful runs, before Ladin finally lands it. As the day wears and warms up, so does the fishing with both anglers, filling their boots with many fish in the 2-3lb bracket on their streamer patterns. Moving into a sheltered bay, Steve notices some Chironomid coming off so switches to 2 chrironomid patterns to match the hatch, and is instantly rewarded with a lovely 20 incher, which is quickly followed by an even bigger one. So if you're ever eastern Oregon, on this evidence, it may be worth your while to take a little trip to the Justesen Ranch for some spectacular fly fishing. To watch, just login or join  
Its early Spring and Ladin, Steve and Larry start fishing on the Clark Canyon Reservoir with a trip planned on the Pointdexter Slough later in the day. The ice hasn't fully melted on Clark Canyon so they're casting Woolly Buggers to the edge of the ice and stripping back, as this is where they fish will be patrolling. Ladin lands a lovely big Rainbow Trout and then talks us through his preferred set up here. Steve is using a Purple Seal Bugger fly and is next to strike with a lovely 3-4lb fish. Reaching the edge of the ice pack seems critical to success here and as the day warms up, so does the action with both Ladin and Steve landing some more big Rainbows. In part 2 of this episode, the guys fish the Pointdexter Slough, a spring creek that runs into the Beaverhead River in Montana. Ladin starts with a small purple streamer pattern in a nice pool locks onto a nice silvery Brown Trout. Steve is slightly downstream and using a different tactic, drifting a team of nymphs along the bank and also gets off the mark with a nice Brown Trout on his Hot Head Sow Bug. To watch just login or join


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