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Fly Fishing on Hegben Lake

Today, Ladin and Steve take to the boats, fly fishing the Grayling Arm of Hegben Lake in Montana. Hegben Lake is actually a large impoundment of the Madison River and is renowned for its trophy Rainbow and Brown Trout, plus its spectacular mountain backdrop. Steve starts with a Green Mayfly Nymph and a small Chironomid pattern, fished under a strike indicator and quickly catches a plump little Brown Trout where he saw some fish rising. Conditions are perfect today, with a light ripple and some decent cloud cover, and Ladin soon gets into the action too, again fishing a Red Chironomid under an indicator. These Rainbows fight hard in the cool water, making some big jumps and searing runs which Ladin finds out to his cost as a bow takes him around his anchor. Steve decides to switch tactics and uses a sinking line and just tweaks the nymphs back, but as the day comes to a close the nymphs stop working so well so Ladin switches to an Olive streamer and hooks another hard fighting Rainbow. Ladin and Steve have enjoyed an epic session on Hegben Lake, with numerous hard fighting trout and are certain to be back here again. To watch just login or join  

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