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Review – Matt Hayes’ 24 Hour Rod Race


Matt Hayes’ 24 Hour Rod Race


The Coarse and Match Fishing Channel

 What’s it all about?

Matt Hayes, perhaps the UK’s best known fishing presenter, is set a series of challenges by the editor of the Angling Times. Each challenge focuses on a different style of fishing, and as the name suggests, Matt has just 24 hours to complete each one.


Matt Hayes. Obviously. Matt’s been gracing TV screens in the UK for many years, fronting fishing shows for the BBC and making his own DVDs.

Why do we like it?

The series takes in so many different styles of fishing, and it really puts Matt to the test. It would have been easy to have made the challenges too easy, or too difficult, but they’ve been pitched just right.

Matt has an undeniable passion for fishing, and he obviously really wants to win each and every challenge. His great experience and range of fishing skills combined with the variety of the challenges means that we see him using a huge number of techniques.

The against-the-clock aspect keeps Matt on his toes, and helps to draw you into the challenge – while Matt’s commentary on his thought-processes helps to get the viewer onside.

All in all, each 40 minute episode is entertaining, informative, and packed with fishing action – what more can you ask for?

Who’s this for?

People who like a bit of variety in their fishing lives. Coarse and match fishermen.

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TL:DR – Matt Hayes fishes against the clock


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