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Review – Beneath the Waterline

Meet the UK’s freshwater species

Beneath the Waterline

Coarse and Match Fishing; Planet Fish

Running Time?
27 minutes 

What’s it all about?
An up close and personal look at some of the UK’s freshwater fish, including some of the more often overlooked of the islands’ 54 freshwater species. The superstar species – trout, salmon, carp – take a backseat here, and some of the lesser known but nonetheless incredible species get a chance to shine. The film introduces the eel, which has a lifecycle almost as amazing as that of the salmon, and explores the ecological factors that threaten their numbers, as well as a number of other species, including some non-native invaders.

Beneath the Waterline was made by and stars wildlife filmmaker Jack Perks. Jack has worked on a number of major projects, including BBC’s Springwatch. Jack has recently released a coffee table book which makes a good companion piece to this film – Freshwater Fishes of Britain. You can win a signed copy by entering our competition here.

Why do we like it?
Jack is incredibly passionate about ecology, especially freshwater ecology, and this really shines through in his presenting and the sensitive way that he explores the fishes’ underwater world. We also think that many of the amazing creatures living in our waterways get overlooked in favour of more glamourous species, and it is great that this film tries to address that very issue.

Who’s this for?
Nature lovers, predator anglers, freshwater anglers

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