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Discover Tenkara

Tenkara is an ancient Japanese form of fishing that is similar in many respects to traditional western fly fishing. Find out about the sport's origins, history and future, watch expert Tenkara anglers and learn some techniques, in this playlist.
A short film looking at the process of building a traditional tenkara fishing rod from bamboo, from the cutting and curing of the stems to the finished product.
If you've ever fancied tying your own fly but were put off by tricky knots and thread whipping skills, this free series from Paul Gaskell and John Pearson is just what you need. As well as sharing their own early trials (learning the hard way!), the pair show you some great hacks they found which makes the feared "whip finish" knot a piece of cake.
Learn the techniques and subtleties of Kebari, Tenkara fly-tying. Tenkara is similar to western fly fishing in many respects, in particular in its use of hand tied flies. Find out how each of the classic Tenkara flies is created, and give them a try on your local river.
If you've always wanted to try this ancient art, but weren't sure where to start, this Introduction to Tenkara is just what you need to understand this delicate sport.
Paul Gaskell was in Japan on World Fishing Day sharing his passion for the ancient art of tenkara, a form of fishing that's similar to fly fishing, but with a few quirks that make it a fascinatingly delicate sport. He explored some stunning mountain streams in the company of a local tenkara expert.
A short film in which Sebata-san, a true tenkara master, explains how he came to discover tenkara and what it is that he loves about the sport.


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