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Fly Tying Secrets

If you've ever fancied tying your own fly but were put off by tricky knots and thread whipping skills, this free series from Paul Gaskell and John Pearson is just what you need. As well as sharing their own early trials (learning the hard way!), the pair show you some great hacks they found which makes the feared "whip finish" knot a piece of cake.
The first in a three-part mini series in which John Pearson and Paul Gaskell of Discover Tenkara share a few fly tying secrets of the craft. The free series is aimed at those who are maybe a little intimidated by tying their own flies. Paul shows us some of his early creations, and shares his first tip.
Paul and John discuss the efficacy of Kebari flies for trout all over the world, and the unique approach to the materials and techniques of tying these patterns that can influence your approach to tying western flies. To finish, John shares a tip for starting off a fly - something that every tie-er has to contend with.
John tackles one of the aspects of fly tying that often troubles newcomers - dubbing. He clearly and succinctly demonstrates the process. To finish up, John and Paul share some of the memories of the fish that Kebari flies have brought them, and hint at some of the further tying possibilities that come with experience.


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