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Tarpon Fishing – Top 10 Videos

Is tarpon fishing the most exciting thing you can do with a rod and line?...well it certainly seems like there's a lot of evidence to suggest just that. These prehistoric beasts offer an incredible challenge to the saltwater sport angler. Not only are they difficut to tempt, then difficult to hook but their fighting prowess is second to none having an incredible burst of speed and amazing ability to jump. There are two distinct species, the Atlantic Tarpon (Megalops Atlanticus) and the Indo Pacific (Megalops Cyprinoides) and these fish can reach huge sizes with the rod caught record standing at a whopping 286 lb. In fact in 2017, an angler in the Gabon claimed to have caught one at 326lb although this has not been officially verified. Tarpon are born offshore but often move into lagoons and sometimes freshwater during the juvenile stage before moving back out as they reach adulthood. One unique and unusual feature of a tarpon is that it has a swim bladder that is used as respiratory organ and they are often spotted by anglers breaching the surface to 'breathe'. There are several main techniques for tarpon fishing including fishing with live baits such as mullet or crabs, using lures or fly fishing. This playlist contains some fantastic tarpon fishing films and TV shows. Enjoy!

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Morgan Promnitz and the Hobie Team visit a number of locations around Florida and catch a spectacular variety of fish from their kayaks. But the highlight has to be a night time fishing session for Tarpon at Fort Meyers.
A fantastic series of 6 shows about fly fishing for tarpon in Florida  
Henry is hosting fellow Canadian Football League star, Danny Mcmanus, widely regarded as one of the best ever Quarterbacks in the CFL, and in this episode they'll be targetting the mighty Tarpon in Puerto Rica. They'll take it in turns to fish and Tarpon under 50lb will count for  5 points, over 50lbs and its 10. The biggest fish will get an extra 5 points before the points are tallied and converted to strokes for the golf match. Danny gets the ball rolling and a strong Tarpon gives him a nice workout and an early lead in the match. Karim Chaar, the skipper shows us some handy tips for the best way to attach live baits to your hook when targetting Tarpon. As the rain starts, Danny gets into another hard fighting Tarpon and lands it after another brutal fight. Henry then hooks into a big Tarpon which makes some spectacular leaps out of the water. A long fight ensues before Henry lands his 5th biggest ever Tarpon....what a fish! We take a look at Danny's career before the scores are tallied and the pair head to the golf course. Henry's ahead but Danny is a fine golf player so the match is definitely up for grabs. To watch just login or join
There are Tarpon fishing films, and then there are tarpon fishing films. This is definitely the latter. Two guys - Daniel Göz and Jan Bach Kristensen - venture far off the beaten track in Central America on a quest for giant tarpon, caught on the fly from float tubes. The adventure unfolds as the catch of a lifetime is documented with incredible footage of exhilarating close-up fights with giant tarpon, breathtaking scenery and wildlife as well as interaction with the locals. - Drake Film Festival “Best Fishing” 2010 - Les Farios - Pêches Sportives outstanding Cinematography 2011 - 5Point Film Festival “Best Submission” 2011 - Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards 2011 Silver Winner “Adventure & Travel”
The Fly Nation team head to the Atlantic coast of Florida, where under the expert guidance of Capt John Meskauskas they target the Tarpon that gather in large shoals, feeding just offshore. There are plenty of other large species, Permit, Cobia and Crevalle Jack that also provide some lively entertainment.
This series takes a documentary style look at the Charter Captains who make their living taking clients fishing in the "sport fishing capital of the world" - the Florida Keys. We join a different boat in each episode, and over the series picks up some top pro tips, and hear's some tall tales along the way. This episode sees us hook up with Captain Chris Johnson and the crew of Sea Squared Charters for a spot of fishing under the Bahia Honda bridge, a known Tarpon hotspot.  
Don is on his annual pilgrimage to Cuba for some saltwater fly fishing. Down in Jardines De La Reina, Don's main target species are tarpon, bonefish and the elusive permit. After some fun with the bonefish in the mangroves, Don heads out to the flats as the tide is going on and finds a nice school of tarpon and some permit.
Found on the Gulf Coast of Mexico, The Isla Arena is also known as the "Island of Tarpon" and for a pretty good reason. It is one of the best locations in the world to find these magnificent silver monsters. Host Randy Bowser enjoys a two day trip to this amazing location, gently travelling the channels through the mangroves and out into the open lagoon. Guided on to a huge pod of Tarpon, Randy enjoys a personal record number of hook ups. He doesn't net them all but as he says "The tug is the drug". To watch Isla Arena - Island of Tarpon now, just login or register
Don is fly fishing in Jardines De La Reina in Cuba with Brian Chan and they're looking for a Grand Slam, a bonefish, tarpon and permit in one day. After a great morning on the bones, can Don finally land a permit, probably the trickiest of the three to catch. On the bench, Don ties up one of his favourite tarpon patterns.
Watch Cuban Grand Slam as Fly Nation's Josh Nugent and Richard French visit Cayo Romano, Cuba, generally regarded as one of the world's best flats fisheries. The charismatic local guides find them plenty of Bonefish to over 10lbs, hard fighting Permits and the elusive Tarpon. To catch all three in one day means just one thing... A Grand Slam! To watch Cuban Grand Slam now, just login or register
A rarified fishing adventure to Ascension Bay, Mexico, saltwater fly fishing for bonefish, permit and tarpon.  


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