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Fly Nation – Series 2

Watch Fly Nation series 2 with more great action from the Canadian based Fly Nation team, as they visit some fantastic fishing locations around the world. A Cuban grand slam, Golden trout in Alberta's Rocky Mountains and the Salmon rivers of New Brunswick are a few of the highlights they focus on. And in Ashley Rae, Josh Nugent and Richard French are a few of the expert anglers demonstrating their fly fishing skills.

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Watch Cuban Grand Slam as Fly Nation's Josh Nugent and Richard French visit Cayo Romano, Cuba, generally regarded as one of the world's best flats fisheries. The charismatic local guides find them plenty of Bonefish to over 10lbs, hard fighting Permits and the elusive Tarpon. To catch all three in one day means just one thing... A Grand Slam! To watch Cuban Grand Slam now, just login or register
Watch On Board for Redfish where the tidal flats of North Florida provide the perfect location to set 3 expert anglers a unique challenge. Can they flyfish for the massive Redfish to be found here whilst using their Stand Up Paddleboards for support. Not only do Paula Shearer, Rob McAbee and John Meskauskas do so with great aplomb, they also have a lot of fun at the same time. To watch this video now, just login or register
Watch Fly Fishing for Northern Pike - A Guides Tale with Mike Verhoef who heads the Fly Nation team spending a few days at Lake St Joseph, Ontario in the capable hands of local guide John Grace. He has lived here all his life and together with his buddy Neil Leduc, takes great pride in enabling the visitors to The Old Post Lodge to catch some of the magnificent Pike and Walleye found here. This is a fascinating insight into what it takes to be a top guide and the satisfaction that can be had from doing it well. To watch this Fly Fishing for Northern Pike now, just login or register
More great River Skeena Steelhead fishing as The Fly Nation team revisit British Columbia to try and intercept some of the migrating Steelhead on this magnificent river. The Nicholas Dean Lodge is renowned as one of the best fly lodges in this catchment area and are the hosts for the team. Initially they are frustrated by recent rain, leading to high water levels making a famously tricky fish, almost impossible to catch. Luckily the local guides take them to smaller nearby rivers and, as the conditions improve, so does the fishing. With some fresh chrome Coho salmon around too, this soon turns into an epic trip. To watch this video now, just login or register
Rocky Mountain Golden Trout features the aqua blue lakes of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada which provide the northern most home to the rare Golden Trout. Originally stocked here in the 1950's, the fish that are found today are most definitely wild. It takes a lot of effort to trek above the tree line to this rugged, but stunning location and the rewards for the Fly Nation team of expert anglers are certainly worth it. To watch this video now, just login or register
Watch top Canadian angler Ashley Rae salmon fishing. She heads to New Brunswick, hoping to catch her first ever specimen. And she's picked a fantastic spot to do so, the rivers here are world renowned for their runs of Atlantic salmon and the facilities at the Rastigouche River Lodge are purpose built to give visitors the very best chance of catching them. To watch this video now, just login or register


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