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Potentially monstrous, when it comes to catfish, you either love'em or hate'em
In Episode one of Carp and Catfish Adventures Europe Globetrotter Tony Davies-Patrick heads to the continent. Their first port of call is a lake in Northern Italy, but first Tony recalls some underwater filming he did at a lake in France the previous year, where he manage to capture some 60lb+ carp on film. Once at the glacial lakes of Viveroni – a huge body of water – it takes some patience before the action really begins in the cooler weather of the mountains and American Signalclaw Crayfish causing some trouble. In the end he and his Italian fishing buddy Roberto head to the River Po where, after some heavy rain, things start to go their way, a few nice carp and a gorgeous tench for good measure. Most of these fish have never been caught before, and fight hard.  
Steve Towson concludes his amazing trip to Africa's Zambesi River by targeting the huge Vundu catfish.
Catfish, big hungry predators that anglers all over are becoming more interested in catching. Here's 3 short films from catfish expert, Simon Clarke to get you started.
Steve Townson continues his adventure high up the River Amazon basin on the Rio Trevassao, and now he and fishing pal Paul Reiss have giant Amazon catfish on their minds. Full series available on Fishing TV Premium.  
Meet Charlie Coppolo, expert tattoo artist and fanatical fisherman. In this episode Charlie hooks up with an old friend and inks an amazing catfish tattoo. The pair then head out for an overnight catfish session in search of monsters.  
On another Fishing Adventure, Dean Macey starts his pilgrimage to Gillhams Fishery in Thailand by targeting Giant Siamese Carp and Mekong Catfish.  
Mark Barrett and Richard Scott have some surprises in store as they brave dire weather in the hunt for a big Fenland catfish.  
Episode two of Tony’s European adventure sees he and Roberto have one last attempt to hook up to a big carp. Some interest from resident catfish prompts a look at the baits, and eventually, on their final night on the lake a common close to 40lb comes to the net. Later, while out on a dingy, Tony hooks into a huge fish which gives him an almighty battle before eventually succumbing. From Italy Tony heads to northern Spain to target some more European carp and also the catfish that make the Iberian peninsular a mecca for anglers. Here the weather is kinder, and the first signs of spring are showing. The fish are friskier too, with several sizeable carp and a few huge catfish landed.  
The opening episode of Simon Clarke's guide to the equipment, tactics and techniques needed when trying to catch your first catfish.
Part Two of Simon Clarke's guide to the equipment, tactics and techniques needed when trying to catch your first catfish.
The final instalment of Simon Clarke's guide to the equipment, tactics and techniques needed when trying to catch your first catfish.
Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott is chasing monsters in this episode of Ebro Maniacs, as he goes fishing for huge Wels Catfish in Spain. Not only are these fish the biggest freshwater species in Europe, growing in excess of two hundred pounds, but the Ebro is considered the ultimate destination to catch them. With this thought in his mind, an excited Ian casts out near the city of Caspe, joined by the Catfish experts from Catfish Capers Holidays. After a few smaller species find the bait, Ian gets a chance to land one of the biggest freshwater fish of his life, making for the trip of a lifetime.
Carp and Zander are the target in this episode of Ebro Maniacs, as Ian Chillcott and Mark Barrett head for the Mequinenza region of the River Ebro in Spain. To begin the final day of their incredible trip, Mark educates Chilly on the history of how the Catfish came to dominate the river. After having a crack at his first ever Zander, the group cast out a few Carp rods from the bank and tell some good old fashioned, most likely exaggerated fisherman’s tales back at the campfire. After the trip of a lifetime, this episode makes for the perfect closer.


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