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Barbel are one of the most sought after freshwater fish in UK rivers and rightly so as they grow to up to 20 lbs and are renowned for their fighting qualities. Here's a selection of our favourite videos and films with some of the UK's top barbel anglers including Des Taylor, Bob James, Dean Macey, Lee Swords, Steve Collett and brothers Carl and Alex.  In these shows you'll see a variety of rivers and conditions and learn the tactics and techniques you'll need for success.

Gareth Purnell joins top river specialist Lee Swords fresh from a 350lb barbel catch on the Trent....  
Steve Collett lands a 13lb river barbel first cast, as he joins Jamie Robbins on the Warks Avon.  
Top big fish all rounder Darran Goulder reveals some great tricks for catching big barbel in coloured water.  
Des Taylor kicks off a new fishing series with a return trip to his favourite river, the Severn in search of some specimen Barbel. After prebaiting, Des talks us through his swim choice and the features that provide the Barbel here such a good habitat, before going into detail about his rod, reel and preferred rig set up. After casting his baits into a snaggy area on the far bank, Des sits back and waits and it isn't long before he's rewarded with a cracking 5lb Chub which although not the intended species is very welcome nonetheless. As the rain starts, Des gets into his first Barbel and although it isn't huge, it puts a up a great fight. In a break from the action, Des talks us through his special groundbait mix which he says has helped him bank more than 1600 fish in the past 5 years. The swim goes quiet for a while and Des notices big Pike loitering around so decides to pull the rods out and 'repair' the swim with some more groundbaiting. After giving the swim a good rest, Des is soon back into fish again, completing a brilliant session on the River Severn with a lump of a Barbel . If you like Barbel fishing then this a great feature length episode from one of the UK's best and most knowledgable Barbel anglers. To watch just login or join
In this episode of Club Class, Rae Borras visits the Barbel Society formed in 1994 by Steve Pope and Mike Ball. Rae visits one of the club's renowned   stretches of Worcestershire's prolific River Teme for some coloured water barbel sport. To watch this film, just login or register  
River record holder John Monaghan shows how to catch big barbel on a free-to-fish stretch of the Ribble.  
Big fish ace Steve Collett walks the banks of his beloved River Severn and discusses where he would expect to find barbel holding up. 
Steve Collett is on the River Severn near Hampton Loade fishing for barbel. The river here isn't wide and with some recent rain is now running fast so Steve goes through the tactics and set up you'll need to make the most of a session in these conditions. Using a little watercraft, Steve is able to identify where barbel will be sitting in the heavier water and target them accordingly. This is a great video to help you out when faced with similar conditions.
Join the legendary Bob James in a two part session on the picture postcard River Wye. He's after chub and barbel, but the river is running low and the water very clear, so he knows the fish will be spooky. He starts by baiting his chosen swim at least an hour before casting in, to allow the fish to start fighting over the food. In this first episode he goes after the chub, trotting a hard pellet hookbait, holding it up against the current with his centre pin reel and a large, heavy float. By regularly baiting the swim to keep the fish feeding he shows how easy it can be to land some decent chub or two. To watch this video now, go to Fishing TV and register. Click here
Bob James continues his session on the River Wye, this time targeting the Barbel. Having regularly chucked balls of groundbait into the spot where he thinks they will be lurking, he's convinced the Barbel will have bullied the Chub out of the swim by now. He steps up his gear for the bigger fish, using a boilie on a hair rig for hook bait, heli-rigged below a cage feeder. He's also switched to a fixed spool reel with a bait runner, to make casting the feeder a bit easier. It all works incredibly well and from the comfort of his bank chair he hooks into some marvellous barbel. To watch this video now, just login or register


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