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iWader Review

Fishing is thankfully, once again back on the agenda for many of us, and fly anglers are hitting the water everywhere, so we decided to review an essential piece of kit, new wader brand, iWader. Billed as the world’s first elastic waders, iWader have hit the scene in the last 12 months and brought a new, and very affordable option for those looking for a new pair of stockingfoot waders. Sponsors of the World Fly Fishing Championships in 2019, these waders are already establishing a foothold in a market flooded with numerous pricier options.

Waders are just one of those fishing items, I personally love to hate. They are an absolutely essential item when fly fishing in rivers, streams, lakes and the salt, yet incredibly frustrating as we’ve all been there when a tiny hole appears from nowhere and you are forced to endure a whole day’s fishing with a wet leg. Even the most expensive waders are susceptible to holes as natural wear and tear seems to cause them. In reality, waders only seem to last a couple of seasons these days so why not consider a pair of waders that won’t break the bank?

So, we thought we’d take a look at a pair of iWaders and give them the lowdown. Well firstly, they come in a nice mesh drawstring carrying bag. The first thing that strikes you when you take them out is the feel of the wader material is a little different and yes its certainly got more give than you’re probably used to. Features wise, everything you’d expect is here with strongly built gravel guards, a waterproof zip inside chest pocket, a wader belt and reinforced knee pads. I particularly like the comfortable wading belt as it’s made of neoprene and as well as the clasp, it also uses Velcro so there’s no unwanted bits of belt flapping around that you could get your fly line caught on. The knee pads also look strong too and these are a great feature that I’ve not had on previous waders I’ve personally owned, and I have had holes caused in this area by kneeling on gravel etc.

Once you’ve got them on, they feel pretty good with the stretch material allowing for plenty of movement. The boot socks are comfortable and a good fit. iWader have a live chat service on their website so it probably worth chatting with them to ensure you get the best fitting ones based on your measurement. I did and I’m pretty happy with the overall fit.

Overall, I think these waders are great. They’re perfect for newbies or those on a budget and for anglers who already have a great pair of waders, these are well worth buying as a back up because you never know when a dreaded hole will appear and ruin a day’s fishing.

Don’t forget you can get 15% off by using the coupon code FISHINGTV when you checkout with iWader on their website


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