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Patagonia Part 1

Arctic Waters, Vikings actor Jasper Pääkkönen joins the Arctic Waters team on a Patagonia fly fishing adventure. Patagonia is a fisherman’s paradise and although the journey is a long one it is evident to see just how excited the guys are when they finally reach their final destination. Jasper and the team are the guests of Los Buitreras lodge on the prolific Rio Gallegos river and they are hoping to be treated to some spectacular fly fishing action during their stay. In true Argentinian style each evening the guys experience the level of hospitality that this region is famed for, as they sit down to some spectacular traditional meals and of course the odd glass of red wine. Back on the river, the local guides are trying their best to find the guys some of the trophy sized fish that run the Rio Gallegos river each season. With the best flies out of the box and on the end of the line who will be the first person to get their hands on a ten pound plus fish? Patagonia fly fishing is amongst the best in the world and the sea trout of the Rio Gallegos are no exception, after watching this episode you too could be looking for your own Patagonia fly fishing adventure. Part 1 of 2   To watch just login or join  

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