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Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand

from More Fishing with Des Taylor

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Des arrives at the Palm Tree Lagoon resort on his first trip to Thailand for a weeks fishing, hoping that he is going to be pulled all around the lake by some of the monster fish lurking in its depths, top of his wish list is an Arapaima, these fantastic prehistoric looking fish can grow to over 500lbs. The fishery was bought by Englishman Tim Webb in 2008, he's continually trying to improve the number and variety of fish on offer, it currently holds 100 different freshwater species, 14 of them to over 100lbs. Des's guide Benchawan baits up his three rods, one with very smelly fish guts, the second with a chicken neck. Both fished in mid water on 80lb braid with an 80lb heavy nylon leader. The third uses pop up boilies from a method feeder in which she puts a sticky mixture of brown rice and bread crumb. His first bite is a Big Headed Carp quickly followed by a Catfish Shark, both weighing in at around 40lbs, but mere tiddlers here. Highlights that follow are a lovely Siamese Carp, a Redtail Catfish and a gigantic Mekong catfish but quite honestly the variety of species that Des catches is amazing, most of them new to him, but his trip of a lifetime is completed when he lands an Arapaima at over 300lbs. "The most beautiful fish I've ever seen in my life."

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