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Lefty Kreh Fly Fishing Tips – The Best of Lefty Kreh

Lefty Kreh was a walking talking encyclopedia of fly fishing knowledge and in this film, he reveals a treasure trove of useful fly fishing tips which will help beginners, novices and more experienced fly anglers alike. Lefty covers everything you could imagine in this film, from selecting rods to dealing with knots in your line when playing fish, to the importance of sharpening your hooks. Lefty Kreh demystifies fly fishing and explains exactly why he does what he does. Even if you do many of these things already, there's almost certainly some things here that will improve your fly fishing performance. To watch this film, login or register

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Older film with a lot of wisdom

13th January 2021

Well, Lefty Kreh was a legend, so I wanted to watch and hear what he had to say. This is a video from the mid 80s I think full of assorted “tips and tricks” for fly-fishing rather than a “How to” or Instructional Guide. Thus, some material is superb and some will not be very relevant for a lot of viewers (tips on how to wear straps for thigh waders for example). On the other hand, there are real nuggets of wisdom on casting, wading, fighting a fish and the like. Recommending we use a specific brand of chapstick on lips is less helpful, especially for UK viewers. I did enjoy how he said that when striking on a dry fly, the Englishman says ‘God Save the Queen’ before striking to give the fish time to close its mouth. There are fly recommendations (for trout, salt, bass) which are interesting, and I suspect probably still good advice.

Overall, though, worth watching. Lefty was a natural communicator who speaks to the camera like an old friend and so a superb presenter.


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