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Kustatan River Silver Salmon

In "Kustatan River Silver Salmon" Jon Haas continues his trip to the Kenai region of Alaska with a day out, across Cook Inlet to the remote Kustatan River. Its mid August and the Silver or Coho Salmon arrived in the river 2-3 weeks earlier, they haven't begun spawning yet, but are making their way up the river and starting to take their holding patterns in the upper stretches. So an ideal time to be fishing for them. Jon's guide for the day is Ben Mastry from South Fork Outdoor Adventures, who recommends that, because the water is a bit murky due to the run off of glacial silt, it's best to use a bright pink and purple Dalai Lama fly with strips of glitter. His advise certainly works and Jon gets in to a bunch of fish. The Coho can grow as big as 36lbs or 16kg, but the average is around 10lbs or 4.5kgs, which are similar to the size of fish Jon is catching here.

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